simple skincare micellar water1

there are times when my nightly cleansing ritual feels impossible, but knowing the dangers of sleeping in my makeup means that i will do anything to prevent going to bed in a full face. on nights where i can’t be bothered to cleanse, tone, and moisturize, i’m incredibly thankful for one of my favorite brands and their newest wonder product.

The Glossarie 1

simple skincare micellar cleansing water is so much more than a makeup remover. it’s formulated with triple-purified water, designed to effectively remove makeup with no rinsing required and it provides instant hydration thanks to skin-loving ingredients.

one cotton pad and a generous amount of simple skincare micellar cleansing water removes all of this (including primers and eye makeup – just be careful around your eyes).

The Glossarie 2

you don’t have to rub or tug, just wipe gently and follow up with a cotton swab to get any leftover mascara from underneath bottom lashes.

my skin feels so smooth and balanced afterwards that there’s no need for toner or my go-to moisturizing mask. this one bottle replaces multiple steps, meaning that i can skip these three on nights when i’m just not up for it:

The Glossarie 3

and my routine looks more like this:

The Glossarie 4

with this kind of advanced cleansing, i’m no longer finding the need to keep harsh makeup-removing wipes at my bedside table. on nights when i can’t drag myself from the sheets to wash my face, simple skincare micellar cleansing water and its advanced cleansing abilities are saving my skin.

The Glossarie 5

simple skincare has just given you one less excuse for going to sleep with your makeup on! Is this the secret beauty solution that you’ve been searching for? Be sure to #TestTheWater to find out!

compensation for this post was provided by Simple Skincare via AOL Media. the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Simple Skincare or AOL.

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r+co analog cleansing foam conditioner0

r+co analog

back when i used to dye my hair blonde and tie my ponytail with a black satin ribbon, dove made a foam conditioner that i bought and used religiously. it was like a mousse that you used in the shower and it was the most weightless conditioner that i have used to date. it smoothed and detangled, leaving my hair feeling incredibly soft and fluffy without any grease. sadly, they discontinued the conditioner somewhere in the last decade and i have been floundering ever since. (note: you can still buy it on amazon, but i’m pretty sure those cans are 10+ years old…)

when i got word from r+co that they were releasing a foam conditioner, i swear my mouth started salivating. designed to “fight the evil forces of gravity” this gorgeous formula exits the can as a cream conditioner, but rub it between your hands and it turns into a rich foam (kind of like shaving cream). it does all of the dirty work to detangle and soften my hair after a vigorous shampoo, but it rinses completely clean without any extra effort.

it’s bringing my ponytail back to the good old days (ahem, 2004) with all kinds of fluff and bounce. the weightless softening and conditioning might be a step or two above what dove delivered, thanks to the ever changing technology of haircare, and while the $29 price tag is far from the $3 that i used to spend at the drugstore, you really can’t put a price tag on good hair.

r+co analog cleansing foam conditioner, $29 >

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spring things from mark.0

mark. spring 2015

’tis the season to toss away the dark lip, moody eyeliner and embrace the pastel goodness of spring! my friends at mark. are doing it oh-so well with a handful of light and fresh launches.

my favorite is the trio of pearly intense shadows in the spring fling palette ($15). they are easy to play with, fun to apply, and a cinch to mix and match for a myriad of flirty looks. i’ve been layering them together for a wash of iridescence – so, so pretty.

to bring my cheeks into the light of spring, i am completely attached to the new release of my favorite mark. product ever in a new coral collection of shades. touch and glow coral ($16) might be the most versatile product on my beauty counter. i’m obsessed with it’s bronze-y warmth that doesn’t look clownish and the gold cubes at the top make for the perfect highlighter.

for a finishing touch, the latest nail lacquer set ($18) comes complete with two shades – a light coral and a gold – and my favorite lip click in coral fixation. (fun fact: coral fixation was my very first love from mark.) the coral lip brightens up my whole face, pulling everything together in one gorgeous formula. i’m still playing with the nail shades and practicing to perfect a look similar to this.

if you’re looking for an easy way to tote your new favorites (because trust me, you won’t want to be without them!), this clamshell-shaped only essentials makeup bag ($14) has a cool gunmetal finish and is the perfect size for your dailies.

so much beauty from one brand – just in time for spring!

pinch me! i’m extra lucky to be continuing my reign
as mark. blogger ambassador in 2015.

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e.l.f. studio bb cream spf 202

e.l.f. bb cream

i’m rounding out six years of testing beauty products for the glossarie. these days, i find myself less and less impressed by the ordinary. new lip gloss formula? meh. another mascara that promises crazy length and volume? i’ll believe it when i see it.

i’m trying to only focus on sharing the truly unique and innovative with you, so it may be surprising to some that the hero of this post is a bb cream. (i mean, aren’t we on to ee creams by now?) a bb cream may not be that big of a deal, but a $6 bb cream that outshines all of this season’s fancy foundation launches? now, that’s something to write about.

let me preface this post by saying that i probably would have never plucked a $6 bb cream off of the drugstore shelves. the wonderful people at e.l.f. recently sent me a plethora of product last week and far be it from me to deny you beautiful people the chance to save some serious cash on your daily face – so i gave it a whirl.

the thing that i truly love about this product is that it primes and perfects in one easy step. i have come to the place in my life where i can’t survive without a primer. shine starts to break through mid-day and the smoothing effects of a primer are a must for my 33-year-old skin.

e.l.f. has created a simple multitasker that presents a seamless, glowing, yet shine-free finish, and it lasts all day. this stuff is easy to blend and serves as the perfect base for everyday makeup. i’ve been wearing the fair shade which provides more coverage than just your average natural tint. you get pigment along with anti-aging ingredients to treat your skin to a dose of nourishing moisture, plus spf 20.

that’s a lot of bang for your very little buck, no?

e.l.f. bb cream spf 20, $6 >

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blooming lips0


i’m fresh off the plane from l.a. and i have never felt more pale. i clung to my bronzer for dear life over the last five days and i also took refuge in two lip products because they give gorgeous color that instantly brightens and flatters.

the first is a custom pink (“my pink”) from clarins ($23) in their new instant light lip balm perfector. it’s melty and smooth, not too sheer and ultra hydrating so it helps my lips stay comfortable during this never-ending transition into spring. for a self-adjusting pink, it’s really beautiful (falling somewhere between a bubblegum and a raspberry, depending on the day) and just the right amount of pop without being too bright.

the other balm, from jane iredale ($25) is more of a fiery coral, called forever peach, and it brings a vinyl look to lips – similar to the photo above. it goes on like a gel, feels incredible and gives a warmer, more tropical vibe to my beauty routine, especially when paired with a touch of bronze. i’ve been using it interchangeably with the clarins, depending on my outfit and mood.

each balm is minimal, easy, effortless – just what my everyday makeup look was calling for in california, and even more necessary now that i’m back on the east coast.

are you into these color changing balms?

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bevee trifold sidekick0

** taking a brief break from beauty to share one of the best accessories to come into my life in a long while. **

i used to be this very organized person. never missed a beat, never would have dreamed that i would leave my phone at lou’s daycare or put my keys down in the beauty aisle at target only to have a full-on panic attack in the parking lot. (i guess a bit of brain power gets sacrificed when one is raising a tiny human?) it only took three mini disasters for me to begin researching the ultimate solution.

bevee trifold sidekick sapphire

bevee is providing the answer with their trifold sidekick – and the brilliance of this crossbody is not to be underestimated. at its core, this is a gorgeous over-sized wallet on a strap, but it’s really much better than that.

bevee trifold sidekick sapphire

the inside is completely organized with slots, slip pockets for receipts and cash, and a zip pocket where i can easily stash my daily beauty needs. on the back, there’s a slip pocket for my phone (so it’s easily accessible) and it’s also where the strap is a cinch to attach and detach, taking this cutie from clutch to crossbody in a second.

bevee trifold sidekick sapphire billfold

quite possibly my favorite thing about the bag is the detachable billfold. this is extra genius because when i change bags for an event or evening out (few and farther between these days, but still), i’m always pulling my license and debit card out of my wallet and tossing them loosely into the belly of my favorite clutch. now, with one smart move, i can snap the billfold out of my sidekick and slip it right into a clutch, never pulling my most important cards from their assigned slots.

i love how bevee has gotten me to go completely hands-free, greatly decreasing the chance that any of my essentials will be lost again. i had to share the love because i know so many people who can benefit from this system – it’s a wallet, crossbody, clutch, billfold and lifesaver in one.

bevee trifold convertible in sapphire, $190 >

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spring break beauties0

smith & cult sonia kashuk

it’s 75 degrees in va today with some much-needed bright and beautiful sunshine. i’ve gotten so used to the gray of winter that i completely forgot – it’s spring break season!

to celebrate, i painted my toes ‘suburban warrior’ by smith & cult. i normally give them a break from polish during the colder months, so looking down to see this neon watermelon brightness is really making me smile. and holy gorgeous, i love these lacquers. if the crazy-good packaging wasn’t enough to sway you, (i mean, hello! that ergonomically shaped gold bottle top? so pretty.) we are talking about flawlessly smooth application and insanely brilliant shine. perhaps best of all is the chip-free performance, because i’m a week in with no topcoat and no damage, a semi-rarity for a 5-free formula.

on my lips is eden, a new shade of luxe sheer lip color from sonia kashuk. it’s the most beautiful bright and warm coral color, good and glossy, not too sheer, with lots of moisture and shine. once applied, it gives this blurred lip effect in one step and it wears for a surprisingly long time. it’s the very first thing that i’m throwing into my suitcase for my trip to LA on monday, because i love what it’s doing for my whole sun-starved face.

is your beauty bag ready to embrace spring? any early favorites?

smith & cult nail lacquer in suburban warrior, $18 >

sonia kashuk sahara sunset shine luxe sheer lip color in eden, $11.99 >

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living proof curl collection1

living proof curl collection

you can forget everything that you think you know about caring for your curly hair, because living proof is changing the game.

i have a horrendous habit of treating my natural curls with the utmost disrespect. i have tried time and time again to part ways with my flat iron, and the throes of motherhood may just be the thing that tips me over the edge. for me, curly hair could be a cinch. it takes virtually zero effort and needs no heat styling. the trick is that without the right products, without the right system, it can go very, very wrong.

i test curl products here and there, but none of them really deliver what i’m looking for. the truth is that because my curls are flattened so regularly, they have lost a lot of their shape. they now fall somewhere between curls and waves and it takes a bit more effort than it used to to keep them looking good.

when living proof announced their new curl collection, i was really intrigued. the thing i love about living proof is that it’s run by scientists. (it’s also endorsed by jennifer aniston who i am not ashamed to say i adore, and it’s based in my home city of boston, but that’s neither here nor there.) each of their products is designed to effectively treat a specific concern and they almost always deliver beautifully.

these curl products are super innovative and anyone with curly hair knows that treating and prepping your curls for the day begins in the shower. you need a product that will effectively cleanse your hair without stripping it so that you get curls that are properly shaped without being weighed down. living proof curl conditioning wash presents like a super thick conditioner. it doesn’t lather. you rub it between your hands and scrub it into your scalp. it feels really weird if you’re someone like me who lives for lather, but it leaves my hair soft, clean, and not weighed down.

in lieu of a conditioner, living proof offers up a curl detangling rinse that has the consistency of a serum or gel. it’s very unusual for a rinse-out conditioning-type product, but it works like a charm to detangle my hair without adding any grease or heaviness. this product is truly innovative and i think it’s the secret sauce in this system – i love it so so much.

for styling, i have taken to the curl enhancing styling mousse. living proof prescribes this product over its curl defining cream for those of us who have “weaker curl patterns” and need shape, definition and hold with a bit of conditioning to prevent frizz. i say brilliant, perfect, yes.

the end results from using this trio are what i like to refer to as the dream curls. the ones that carrie bradshaw has that are perfectly coiled yet still soft and effortless. oh my goodness, living proof has made me so happy with this system and i know curly girls across the world are going to agree.

living proof curl collection, $15 – $28 >

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burt’s bees squeezable beeswax lip balm0

burt's bees squeezable beeswax lip balm

every evening before bed, i slather on a thick lip treatment. in an attempt to mimic what a hydrating night cream does for the face, i create a mini mask for my mouth by dousing it in product. i have a few favorites that i rotate – this dior beauty, ever-popular aquaphor, and i always travel with this tube of l’occitane. i have my bases covered and didn’t really think that i was missing anything great – but when burt’s bees put their classic formula into a squeeze tube? i obviously wasn’t going to pass that by.

i haven’t bought a tube of burt’s bees in forever and i had forgotten how minty delicious and soothing the formula is. the new tube option has everything that you love about the original, but this version is soft, smooth and rich with moisture. i love it to pieces and after several nights of use, i’m taking it into the daytime – because that minty tingle and the beautiful shine that it delivers is just too good to waste. you can easily layer this over your favorite lipstick for a little added moisture and shine, the finishing look is soft, dewy, beautiful.

i like that burt’s bees has reinvented a classic, and at such a glorious drugstore price,  i think this one is going to find a home in many a makeup bag.

burt’s bees squeezable beeswax lip balm, $3.99 >

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l’occitane almond velvet youthful body serum1

l'occitane almond velvet body serum

those of you who dread applying body lotion as much as i do are going to love this new body serum from l’occitane. it’s a lightweight, silky creme that vanishes into skin, leaving behind a subtle and super-pretty scent.

i’m admittedly horrible about caring for the skin below my chin, so adding something into my mix that works to even tone is definitely a big upgrade. the fact that this stuff leaves me visibly softer without any grease or stickiness? well that’s just plain icing on the cake.

i actually look forward to rubbing this in post-shower because it’s such a luxurious, yet un-fussy part of my routine. i feel like i’m getting my skin closer to spring-ready with each application and i’m finding that the comfort it’s providing for my dry, lackluster arms and legs is a major step up from my previous body skin regimen, otherwise known as nothing.

results-wise, i can definitely say that the top layers of my skin are looking and feeling renewed  – and (spoiler alert!) i’m thinking of gifting this gorgeous bottle to every single mama i know come mother’s day.

l’occitane almond velvet body serum, $52 >

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