tarte tarteist™ lip paints0

tarteist lip paint fomo

want to rock the matte lip, but find it to be a bit high maintenance and (worse!) drying? fear not, for the team at tarte has it all figured out.

tarte lip paints are hands down the best liquid lipstick that have ever touched my lips. they are ultra pigmented with a mousse-like texture that helps the paint glide onto the lips. they are so rich in pigment that only one layer is needed and the applicator makes application effortless, leaving you with that perfect matte lip – hassle free.

if you struggle with comfortable wear, i can confirm that this lip paint will not budge. you may eat / drink / chat all day long and it will still be there when your day is over. for a bit of proof, i gave these a good long test, fell asleep and woke up the following morning with a bold lip still intact. i was very impressed that this liquid lipstick does not crumble up on your lips like most matte lips, it stays smooth and flawless for what feels like forever.

now, let’s briefly touch on color range. you can grab this formula from tarte in everything from a natural nude to a deep winter-perfect burgundy, and even a gorgeous lilac for a fresh pop of spring color. as a final note, the cute names are a fun detail that cannot go unmentioned – my favorite shades are manbun (dark berry) and fomo (mauve).

i know that this trend can be a bold concept because formulas can be drying and hard on your lips. i promise that the tarte lip paints will change your mind completely. with this smudge-proof, fade-proof, hydrating and lightweight option, i predict that you’ll be rocking a stunning matte lip in no time.

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glass + metal vanity organizer0


target does it again!

this time, the big red bullseye is bringing a chic level of sophistication to my bathroom with this glass and metal vanity organizer by threshold. in truth, my vanity has been looking a little flea market-y lately with an odd combination of containers and random mugs holding my makeup. it was barely getting the job done, making it very difficult to find all of my favorites and causing me to store most of my products in a cluttered pile next to the sink.

not the best!

so, when i spotted this beauty on the target shelves, i grabbed it immediately. along with looking clean and bright, the copper and glass combo is super spacious, holding all of my daily and special-occasion products. i am in love with the way that it keeps all of my best goods in one place, but everything is in plain sight, so that nothing gets neglected.

to complete the organized vision and further clear up the clutter, i bought this coordinating 3 compartment tray. it’s the perfect spot for my moisturizer, toner, micellar water, cotton pads, nightly lip mask and go-to blowout spray. now, i feel as though there are no excuses for a messy vanity – and to complete the project, this marble canister is next on my list (for brush storage).

how do you keep your products organized?

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make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover foundation2


why is the perfect primer so impossibly hard to find?

while the clarity of my skin has dramatically improved, i still find myself fighting an unsightly texture fiasco that can only be attributed to my inability to drink an appropriate amount of water, lack of sleep and frequent plane travel. i want something that delivers a matte radiance without clogging my pores and creating heinous breakouts – and it’s harder to nail down than you would think.

while on the primer hunt, i have been testing this new-ish MUFE foundation. let me say that i love the coverage here – and when you layer it appropriately, my face is photo-ready flawless. it’s beautiful for a special occasion, but it just doesn’t have quite enough oomph for my everyday face.

still, i totally knew that MUFE was on to something, and as i was clicking around learning more about other influencers’ thoughts on the stuff, i found a ton of people who mentioned using this foundation as a base/primer.


i have been laying down one pump of this underneath of my l’oreal true match and the results are jaw-dropping. it looks clean and fresh yet still like you’re not wearing a drop of anything. it’s kind of amazing.

i use one brush for both products – a recent treat-myself beauty from sigma – and i can’t recommend this trio highly enough. the combination gives me that perfectly pulled together, flawless look that doesn’t feel at all like i’m wearing multiple layers or like i’m trying too hard. it’s a simple solution to one of my longest-running beauty problems and i’m hoping it can provide some salvation for you, too.

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NARSissist cheek studio palette0

blush and bronzer palette

this pretty palette walked into my life two weeks ago and hasn’t left my face since. in one set of seven shades, NARS has packed in a matte highlighter, a contour shade, a bronzer and four beautiful blushes. what more does a girl possibly need?

before you start drooling, let’s get right down to business, starting with the top row that contains the matte highlight, contour and bronzer. the matte highlight is a creamy off-white shade and is perfect to set the under eyes, also doubling as an eyeshadow. the contour shade is ashy – not too red or too grey, ideal for creating that shadow under the cheek bones and forehead. next, the bronzer…oh, the bronzer! the famous laguna bronzer is a cult favorite and for good reason. laguna is the ultimate shade for warming up the skin without looking orange or muddy and blends like a dream.

are you still with me? because we haven’t even talked blushes.

NARS is known for their amazing blushes and this palette gives you four of the leading ladies. each one has a luminous finish, giving the cheeks a subtle glow. there are two light pink shades and two deeper mauve colors, all very blendable and, best of all, they really last! they stay all day, giving my face a nice flush and a beautiful glow.

overall, the NARSissist palette has quickly become my go-to. it is a one-stop investment for bronzer, contour, highlight and blush. please note that this beauty is limited edition and only available in sephora, so if you like what you see you’d better grab it while you can!

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dior addict lip glow balm in lilac1


i’m popping in from work travels in LA to share a fresh update on a glossarie favorite.

i already own this staple in two shades from dior. (both are incredible, but the coral is my more frequent go-to.) when i was at nordstrom last week getting a new tube of addict lipstick in lucky, the doll of a dior gal asked me if i tried new lip glow in lilac.

i somehow completely missed this shade even being released! so, she scampered to the back of the store to grab the very last tube. i didn’t even open it, look at it, or test it before having her ring it up. (if you’re keeping track, that’s $68 in lip product in less than 20 seconds.) i got it home, slathered it on and O.MG. is it good.

lilac is a perfect descriptor for this pre-spring stunner. there’s something so beautiful about the somewhere-between-pink-and-purple hue. it’s completely unique and unlike any other lip shade that i’ve tried. it makes my skin look brighter and the soothing semi-thick formula is the same from the first two shades. it’s hydrating and feels comfortable while giving a much-needed burst of color.

i will note that the only devil about these is that you must apply them to your lips for a full test in order to get the true effect of how the shade will look on you. an arm swatch will come up clear, but i promise the flush of pretty on the lips is super gorge.

happy spring lips to you!

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butter london shadow clutch palette0

six eyeshadows in neutral tones from butter london


butter london has shocked me with their new shadow clutch palette.

normally, when a brand is known for a specific product like butter london is for their nail polishes, i get nervous when they start to branch out into different product categories – but, boy did our friends at butter knock it out of the park with these eyeshadows!

this set of six is a solid 10/10. the colors are creamy, pigmented and extremely bendable. the palette comes with 6 shades, 3 matte and 3 shimmer – giving you a gorgeous way to create endless options. what makes the shadow formula completely unique is that the shadows are actually infused with a primer, so the longevity is awesome and crease-free, all day long.

another thing i love is that the shadows are interchangeable. you can slide the each little pan in and out, mixing and matching the order or switching them out for other individual shadows. to go along with this concept, butter london has introduced wardrobe duos sold separately and designed to interchange with your current palette favorites. so genius!

if you’re thinking of adding these to your collection, know that there are two different shadow clutch palettes. natural charm, shown above, has user-friendly everyday shades; deep brown mattes, shimmer nudes and a metallic forest green. the pretty proper palette is more cool toned and it comes with matte, cool browns, and shimmery blue treys. both are equally beautiful and you’ll find that the mattes are creamy and the shimmers are opaque with no fall out.

i highly recommended you get your hand on one of these palettes – it has quickly become my current go-to shadow situation for everyday and for nights out.

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best of 20150

the glossarie 2015 best nine

2015, i hardly knew you.

that picture of baby lou kicking her feet while i live-tweeted the golden globes red carpet in january seems like just yesterday and yet, also a lifetime ago as her wild-toddler-woman ways slowly drive me mad – in a good way, of course.

wordpress tells me that i wrote 93 posts for you this year (i’m hoping to double that in 2016!) and i discovered some longstanding favorites along the way. there’s this coral lip that looks good on everyone and this glowdaciously glowy non-foundation foundation – my very favorite combination for when i want to look perfectly effortless. this shadow primer is still my go-to and these matte lipsticks are bar none my favorite find of the year. never has anything garnered me more compliments in my life! i learned to backcomb my eyebrows (game changer!) using this product and i took a more natural approach to feminine care.

in happy life moments, i collaborated with olivia of mane message to launch a line of baby headbands and i skyped with a beauty legend. i shared my thoughts on motherhood with my friend caitlin, shared my kiss and tell moment with avon and i even had breakfast with lucy hale.

i was thrilled to be able to serve as a judge in the skincare division of aol fall beauty awards and was delighted to find my new favorite spot to shop for beauty in dc. to wrap things up, i discovered the skincare routine that has eliminated my breakout troubles (seriously they are gone!) – one that i can easily stick to, and that feels amazing.

it has been an incredible year and i couldn’t be more grateful for all of the opportunities that came my way. this little blog is such a blessing and its readers (YOU!) are my favorite people.

happy new year, beautiful friends!

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holiday by rosie jane0

by rosie jane cheek gloss marigold

if you have found yourself with a bit of extra spending money after the holidays and you’re looking for a treat-yourself kind of splurge, you’ll want to peek at these sweet somethings from by rosie jane. this brand is one of my very favorites because each product is crafted with quality and tender loving care and the results are simply gorgeous.

i am a longtime fan of their scent leila lou, but tilly and james are equally gorgeous. if you snap up the mini rollerball trio, you’ll smell like no one else and something about that is so alluring.

if your winter face is craving color, you will adore the brj essentials cheek & lip gloss. the tints are sheer and glowy, equally pretty on lips and cheeks alike with no breakouts to speak of and a long-lasting effect on oilier skin types. anyone who has a hard time committing will love the opportunity to grab all three shades in a scaled-down size.

i’m thinking that these two pretty gifts are the perfect way to get acquainted with a glossarie favorite. happy post christmas spending to you!

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paula’s choice0

paula's choice

the products in this post were provided to me by the
manufacturer on behalf of pretty in my pocket inc.

way back at the beginning of my beauty obsession, i sussed out an industry bible titled ‘don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me’. it was written by paula begoun and was truly the only resource for comprehensive product and brand reviews before the emergence of modern-day blogs. nowadays, paula has a booming beauty empire complete with her own brand of products that her fans absolutely begged her to create – so, when the team at pretty in my pocket approached me about giving her line a good solid test and sharing my experiences, i was thrilled to do it.

my paula’s choice experience began with a very friendly skincare consultation over the phone. my consultant was super sweet and took a lot of time to truly get to know my skin and my concerns before settling on a product lineup that would get things moving in the right direction. she also told me how and when to use each product, in what order, etc. to maximize results. things were off to an amazing start!

when my paula’s choice regimen arrived, i instantly noticed the packaging. it’s opaque, mostly plastic bottles and tubes – no jars. this is completely by design to prevent bacteria and air from affecting the product’s ability to work its magic. i received products from paula’s skin balancing line for combination / oily skin that also intends to prevent wrinkles.

paula's choice

the quality of these products can only be described as top notch. i knew from the first time that i lathered up with this creamy cleanser that i was working with something designed to target my specific skin troubles. my foundation lays so nicely on top of the combination of skin balancing invisible finish moisture gel and ultra-sheer daily defense that people have asked me what i am doing differently. the truth is that this pair evens out my skin tone and smooths out the texture of my face so beautifully that my makeup has less work to do.

paula's choice

in the workhorse department, i have been alternating paula’s choice skin perfecting 2% bha liquid with salicylic acid with resist weekly resurfacing treatment. both are liquid exfoliants, but the weekly treatment packs extra punch to get my cell turnover churning over night. since adding this duo into my routine, i have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin’s clarity, but there is no extra dryness or irritation.

paula's choice

as an added treat, my consultant sent me a to-die-for winter lip treatment. it’s a micro-bead scrub that you rub into place with your fingers and then rinse clean. my go-to balm absorbs so deeply after i use it and my lips are plump and healthy in the morning.

i am really impressed with all of these products (you can read my reviews here) and would encourage anyone struggling with skin concerns from dryness to acne, from aging to issues with tone and texture to give paula’s choice a try. since i have been using the line, my acne is nearly non existent, my redness is majorly reduced and the crepey-ness around my eyes is quickly dissipating. the skin consultation alone taught me so much and it’s really nice to have an arsenal of products that work together  to combat my skin’s issues.

in partnership with pretty in my pocket, i am offering my readers 20% off plus free shipping with code PRIMPHOLIDAY through 12/31/15!


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sephora has gifts upon gorgeous gifts!0


so, the bad news is that there are just ten days until chistmas, but the good news is that sephora has everything you need for everyone on your list. need proof? see below.

masks for every concern will easily fulfill the wish of a skincare junkie.

rollerballs begging to be layered to wow the fragrance aficionado.

a sweet skincare set for the beloved babysitter. (i hope ours isn’t reading!)

the most perfect stocking stuffer for just $5.

a most beautiful treat for yourself – you’ve earned it, and what a steal!

a cult favorite in support of a cause.

and on the off chance that you’re shopping for me :) (because i’m obsessed.)

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