clinique smart custom-repair eye treatment0

clinique smart custom-repair eye treatment

my quietly aging eye area has been craving attention. i’ve tried a few things recently – a natural approach, some firming drops – but nothing has thrilled me, and more importantly nothing has made a dent in the suffering skin around my eyes. it’s not that i’m facing anything tragic, just some dryness, light lines, and the occasional blueish tint from lack of sleep. the problem? it can be really tricky to know which type of undereye treatment will impact my issues in a positive way, especially when there are so many of them out there.

when clinique adapted their smart technology to target the eye area, i couldn’t get my hands on the serum quickly enough. the product claims to brighten, firm, plump and repair. it arrived last week and i am practically snuggling up to this little silver bottle at night, because it’s doing all of the right things for my eyes.

first of all, it feels incredible. it’s a silky serum that sinks right in without irritating or feeling sticky. it’s super hydrating right on contact, but it feels light and you only need a very light touch to apply it. the texture of this stuff must be felt to be believed, so get yourself to a clinique counter stat and rub a little bit into the back of your hand.

results-wise, the skin around my eyes is already looking more healthy and vibrant, practically overnight. it’s definitely the most change that i’ve ever seen from an eye product in such a short amount of time. i can’t speak to how this will tackle more serious eye issues like deep wrinkles or severe dark circles, but i think this is a fabulous little product for anyone who is facing general aging and lack of moisture under the eyes. i’m currently using it twice a day and i can really feel it working to target my skin’s needs.

if you’re confused about what your eye area needs, but you know that it needs something i would highly recommend clinique’s latest treatment serum – and if the $49 price tag has you hesitating, ask to take home sample, use it for a few nights and feel the difference. something tells me that you’ll be going back to grab the full-sized bottle in no time.

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skyping with isabelle masson-mandonnaud + a perfume giveaway!7

sabe masson le soft perfumes new

after six years of writing the glossarie, i’ll admit that pinch-me moments are hard to come by. i still feel incredibly lucky over what this blog has become and all of the amazing experiences that it brings my way, but opportunities like getting to spend some quality skype time with isabelle masson-mandonnaud a few weeks ago take the cake.

isabelle is the founder of sabé masson and the creator of one of my very first beauty obsessions, crazylibellule and the poppies. aside from being absolutely darling in the package, her solid scents, now called le soft, are impeccably constructed and last all day long. i love pretty products that work, and i love any chance to speak with someone who adores beauty products as much as i do.

isabelle’s story

in her 20’s, isabelle interned for a tiny perfume house called shop 8. (fun fact, shop 8 would later go on to evolve into the beauty mecca sephora!) she quickly fell in love with the solid perfume concept, as presented by estee lauder in beautifully designed compacts and she began hunting down solid perfumes in antique shops, obsessed with their history (dating all the way back to egyptian times), simplicity and ease of use.

le soft perfumes

convinced that there are not enough products in our life that are easy to use, isabelle kept circling around the concept of lipstick – in her mind, the most fabulous beauty invention to date. she created her very first solid perfume in a tube like a lipstick and remembers being questioned by strangers whenever she would apply it in public, educating them all about this new-yet-old beauty concept.

what makes them special

isabelle brings even more innovation to solid perfumes by adding skincare “virtues” as the calls them into her formulations. she chooses the most nourishing ingredients like shea butter, to create a perfume that is very well constructed, natural in composition, with added benefits for the skin. all of her customers can take comfort in knowing when they slide one of her solids onto their wrist or neck, that they are not only going to smell great, but they are doing something nice for themselves. she also noted that traditional perfume sprays are full of alcohols and other ingredients that are actually harmful to skin. her advice? spray perfume on your clothes, not your skin.

that packaging, though

i am obsessed with a pretty package, so i had to get the scoop on the artful designs dressing up le soft perfumes. it turns out that every perfume begins in isabelle’s notebook as a colorful sketch – then, she gives it a name. she gives the page straight from her notebook to a designer who creates the packaging, then she gives the name and color inspiration to a perfumer – leaving them perfectly free to create the corresponding scent. i found this fascinating! isabelle explains that every scent is new and different because every drawing and name are unlike something she has created before.

what’s new?

8 incredible new scents have just launched, along with two discovery sets – all available at beautyhabit. read through the descriptions of each one to pick your favorite. there’s no way that i can choose just one – and i love how each scent has a meaning behind it. (but if you’re twisting my arm, i’d have to settle on belle furieuse!)

what’s next?

aside from an upcoming feature in glossybox, isabelle is also working on opening a shop here in the states. she revealed not only that sprays are coming soon (very soon!) but that she is working on powder perfumes, reminiscent of vintage hollywood glamour. (picture the round box and the big powder puff – what a chic and sexy way to apply perfume!) isabelle is focused on making the perfect combination of scent and skin benefits, and i cannot wait to see this new formulation come together. the woman is a genius and her brain continues to create non traditional but gorgeous ways to add fragrance to our lives.

after chatting, it’s no surprise to me that isabelle is a true creative and loves to make her life beautiful. i was so tickled to be a part of any small moment of her day – although, i could have talked with her for hours. my virtual deskside with her was a beauty dream come true and i’m so grateful to my friends at beautyhabit for making the connection.

as we were wrapping up our call, isabelle begged “come to france!” and she offered to search high and low for any remaining tubes of my beloved crazylibellule.

isabelle, i’m on the next plane!

to celebrate my dreamy skype sesh with isabelle and the launch of le soft’s latest scents, the team at beautyhabit has generously offered to give away a sabe masson discovery set to two lucky winners. enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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mane message headbands for little ones0


if you’ve got a baby girl in your life, i am so excited to share news with you that mane message has launched headbands for little ones! i have been working on this project in collaboration with owner olivia since the start of the year and we have had so much fun creating this collection together. (of course, 100% design credit goes to olivia and her team! i just provided feedback and the occasional baby head for fittings and photo shoots.)

baby headbands are a major market, but when lou arrived, i couldn’t find a single option that i would actually want to buy and have her wear. there was a lack of sweet and stylish headbands that weren’t over the top. so, olivia and i began working with fabric swatches and bow composition, quickly coming to a format that works.

mane message headbands for little ones

the best thing about these is that they don’t lose their shape and they’re extra easy to wear on my wrist when louisa inevitably decides that she is over it – but, these are so soft and lightweight that she hardly knows they are there. i love how comfortable the band is and how the bows are size-appropriate for little heads. the fabric choices couldn’t be more fun and the color combinations and perfectly feminine styling is just too precious for words.


i’m really proud of this collaboration and, to celebrate the launch, mane message is generously offering 15% off all baby headband purchases through 9/5 with code baby15.

i hope that little ladies and their moms love these just as much as lou and i do!

all photos of lou modeling mane message headbands for little ones are by my insanely talented (and kind! and patient!) friend kate headley – shooting a 10 month old in a garden on a 100 degree day is a task i wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

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spring fashion week beauty predictions0

if i had my pick between new york fashion week in september and new york fashion week in february, i would choose september every time. for one, new york is heaven in september (not so nice in february) and second, spring beauty trends are always my favorite. over the years, some of my best pinch-me moments have been backstage in the tents at bryant park or sitting front of house inside lincoln center. it’s always magical, always a big deal, and definitely the highlight of my blogging career.

this september, my day job responsibilities won’t allow me to head to new york, but i’m brainstorming some predictions for spring beauty trends just the same. in spring, everything is soft and girly – it’s all about glowing skin and tightly twisted ballerina buns, rosy cheeks and lots of lashes. here are my beauty trend predictions for spring 2016:

Photo Aug 16, 10 22 02 AM

1 – an iridescent glow.

fresh skin is the basis for the best beauty looks. backstage, the skin care products don’t get the most attention, but they’re often the reason the model’s skin looks so insane walking down the runway. to get a beautifully youthful look, try a serum like no7 protect & perfect advanced to prep your face before foundation. peptides, antioxidants and salicylic acid give off radiance like you have never seen.

to up your glow game even more, bring some light-reflecting goodness from a liquid highlighter like boots botanics radiance highlighter pen to your brow bones and cheekbones. it can be easily blended with your fingers and just a couple of dabs bring out a fresh, natural glow.

Photo Aug 16, 10 29 11 AM

2 – shimmery metallic eyes.

we usually see heavy metals on the fall runways, but i think the classic palette will be brightened up with bronzes and champagnes this spring. the best part is that this trend is so easy to achieve. for a simple smoky eye, take a soft color like circa color saturated eye crayon in pure topaz and scribble liner into your upper lash line, and then buff it out with your ring finger. take the same shade into your crease, smudging as you go and just take a second to define that v shape in the corner.

once you’re all smoked out, curl your lashes and add several coats of volumizing mascara. i’m currently reaching for no7 lash impact because it’s dramatic and you can layer without clumps. it makes me look like I have so many more lashes than i really do! the finished look is glamorous without being overdone.

Photo Aug 16, 10 26 20 AM

3 – a mix of pinks

call me a traditionalist, but i love any spring look that features shades of pink. while a blended lipstick has been the norm over the years (patted on – less formal, more lived in), for 2016, i’m predicting the return of high shine gloss. formulas like circa lustrous shine lip polish are going to be the hero of many spring and summer looks. circa has nailed a product that can be worn sheer or layered over your favorite lip shade, it’s got a touch of tiny gold shimmer to make it special and it goes on smooth and non-sticky for moisturized lips. just gorgeous.

do you love spring beauty as much as i do? any trend predictions of your own?

i can’t wait to watch the runways and see all of the beautiful face charts come to life!

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Walgreens through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Walgreens Beauty, all opinions are my own.

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foreo luna mini save the sea special edition1

foreo luna mini save the sea

i have always fought demons when it comes to my skin.

my battle with acne has been ongoing for at least 20 years now and as the aging process begins, i find that the texture of my skin is changing, too. i’m not sure if it’s those lovely hormones raging at me once again, but ever since lou was born, my skin is rough and kind of bumpy – no matter how many chemical exfoliants and deep hydrators that i attack it with.

in my younger years, i could just add a scrub to my routine to smooth things out, but scrubs have started aggravating my breakouts and causing skin drama instead of helping things improve. i have heard so many things about the foreo luna and how it’s a less harsh option for people who might not need something as aggressive as the clarisonic. i had to try it.

the luna mini is a non-porous, bacteria resistant, ultra-gentle, deep-cleansing silicone brush. i love it because it is super simple to use and it actually feels soothing as it works. with two cleansing surfaces and two vibrating speeds, it’s got a level of cleaning that will work for everyone and every skin type.

i’ve been running it over my skin, after i apply my cleanser, but while it’s still sitting on my face. immediately after using the luna mini, my skin feels smoother to the touch. like, a lot smoother. everyone loves instant gratification, so i used it at every cleanse for a handful of days. then, once i felt and saw that initial positive change to my skin was staying around, i can use it in a less frequent rhythm to maintain the clarity.

aside from being easy and really fun to use, the silicone makes it a piece of cake to keep clean and it dries quickly – plus there are no brushes to replace. these are all major advances on the clarisonic for me. along with all of that, it’s light as a feather! it’s small enough to tuck into your makeup bag for travel and you don’t feel like you’re lugging a large piece of equipment around – plus the charge lasts forever.

now, it’s an investment at $139 and not all skin types are going to need this little lady in their life, but if you’re struggling with dull skin, breakouts, uneven tone or texture, you’ll find a really nice improvement by adding foreo luna mini into your routine. it’s a simple little step and it makes such a positive change without adding more chemicals into the mix. i’m kind of kicking myself for not trying it sooner.

perhaps the biggest bonus of all is that you opt to purchase this save the sea special edition, your funds help support ocean conservation – and who doesn’t want to help save the sea turtles?

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simple micellar make-up remover wipes1

sai bennett

in my head, i look like this every morning at daycare drop off. all sultry bed head, perfect gray tee and subtle jewels.


in reality, i roll up to lou’s school each morning looking far less model-turned-actress and far more unkempt mother: usually having brushed my teeth, always in yoga pants, never having showered. the morning struggle is real, but i’m finding that there’s one thing taming my troll’ness just a tad in recent weeks.

makeup wipes and i have never really vibed, but simple micellar make-up remover wipes are a bit of a lifesaver. the ingredients here are super pared down, so running them over my skin doesn’t feel harsh at all. one dose refreshes and hydrates, decreasing the oil slick i tend to wake up with and gently unclogging my pores. i can quickly follow up with my go-to anti-aging moisturizer with spf and feel like i’m one step ahead of my day.

i have also loved using these at night to wipe the day off on makeup-free days. (since i work from home, i leave my face bare unless i have a skype meeting or heaven forbid, i’m seeing friends or colleagues in person!) they just simply reset my skin without any unnecessary cleansers or chemicals.

i’ve blown through my first pack and i’m well into my second, repeat purchases being the ultimate compliment for any beauty treasure that comes across my desk. if your sensitive skin needs something in the manner of a truly gentle cleanse, i can’t recommend these highly enough. i can’t promise they will have you looking like sai bennett up there, but they might just get you a touch closer to her kind of effortless glow.

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loft fringe pouch0

loft fringe pouch

i spotted this perfectly bohemian pouch over on my friend meg biram’s blog and i knew instantly that it had to be mine. i’m fresh off of the amtrak after four long days in nyc and if living out of my favorite tote has taught me nothing, it’s that i need to get organized. when you’re an oversized bag kind of girl, everything just tends to collect at the bottom, making you feel like a crazy person when you can’t find your lipstick, a pen, your phone, your sunglasses, your business cards, your sanity…you get the idea.

i have high hopes that this pouch is the answer to all of my prayers. for one, it’s going to easily keep all of my daily beauty items and emergency saving graces like bandaids, advil, etc. in on perfectly pretty place, and two, it’s going to look so good coming out of my tote everytime that i need to touch up my lipstick. i love the texture and the fringe, plus black and white matches everything so it can even double up as a clutch when i need to ditch my big mama bag in favor of an option that’s much more fun.

are you as in love with this little beauty as i am?

loft fringe pouch, $34 >

ps – capitol file magazine has featured the glossarie in their roundup of beauty gurus to follow on instagram! i’m so touched by the mention and would love to connect with you over there if you’re not already following along – @theglossarie

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national (non) lipstick day9

national lipstick day

there seems to be a day for everything under the sun and i ignore about 99.9% of them, but it would be highly questionable if i let a day dedicated to lipstick pass me by! in celebration of such a glorious occasion, i am opting to pay tribute to my three favorite lip shades of the moment – all of them not so much lipsticks, as non lipsticks.

first up is lipstick queen frog prince. yes, that there is a green tube of lipstick, but what looks downright frightening, blossoms into a gorgeous rosebud on the lips. it’s sheer, soft, and soothing – such a treat for anyone looking for a tinted balm that’s uniquely yours. click on over to instyle to see what it looks like on three very different skin tones and you’ll get the idea.

next on my list is tarte lipsurgence in energy noir. i am still a big fan of the original version, so a deepened berry shade was definitely calling my name. i love this one because it’s a fresh take on the blooming lip as we head into fall. on me, the color goes a bit more plummy, so it’s dark and sophisticated without being vampy. it’s perfect for toning down my normal go-to pink lip and pink cheek combo. it looks gorge with just a flush of bronzer and a defined brow. (bonus – it’s 30% off now through 8/3!)

finally, i have to call out e.l.f. for basically duplicating everyone’s favorite (yet overpriced) blossoming lip shade for a mere $6. e.l.f. studio gotta glow lip tint is your traditional reactive lip, a true pink that goes on silky smooth. the breaking news is that e.l.f. has brought my go-to, year-round winner to market at a price point that everyone can get behind, with a formula that rivals the best of the best. you’ll want to snatch this one up in multiples because it’s just that good.

so, there you have it, a non-lipstick approach to national lipstick day and three unique options for lips that won’t look like everyone else’s.

for fun, i would love to know your signature shade in the comments below – happy national lipstick day, beauties!

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summer-perfect contour palettes from tarte and mark.0

contour palettes from tarte and mark.

the soonest that i get even a hint of a tan, i crave more. the problem is that i can enjoy about a max of 12 minutes in the sun before burning, so i spend most sunny days hiding out under an umbrella slathered in spf. to keep up with all of you bronze beauties, as summer goes on, my makeup skills become a bit more adept at giving my skin a naturally brown glow – and this season, i have fallen in love with the multitasking contour palette.

for everyday, tarte park ave princess is absolutely perfect. the matte bronzer is light enough to dust on in the traditional “3” pattern. it brings out all of best parts of my true tan without making me look too dark – just healthy and happy. once i’m bronzed, i take a concentrated blush brush and pop the pink shade right onto the apples of my cheeks. then, i use my finger to apply highlighter into my brow bones and the peaks of my cheekbones – it also looks great as a neutral shadow for a super easy champagne gold eye. tarte has nailed all of the right shades for lighter-skinned girls and these formulas last through major sweat and humidity to keep you looking pristine all day long.

if you like a bit more intensity, mark. has got you covered. buenos aires vibe caliente glow blush + bronzer compact is a hot little number featuring a shimmer bronze, a bold coral blush and a super useful highlighting lavender. your favorite kabuki brush is about to get a whole lot of action with this trio! you can swirl all shades together for a stunning flush that lasts until the break of dawn or you can concentrate a smaller brush in each of the three areas for a fresh-from-vacation kiss of color. each shade here is perfectly pigmented to flatter tons of skin tones, and the biggest surprise for me is that pop of purple right in the middle. what looks somewhat scary is actually a pearly iridescent highlighter. i call it the “center of attention” because the light will find wherever you dab this subtle icy shade, leaving you well-lit and so glowy.

i’m not ashamed to say that my summer 2015 tan comes from a compact. if you’re in my same boat, these two are sure to give you beautiful and believable results.

tarte park ave princess contour palette, $34 >
 mark. buenos aires vibe caliente glow blush + bronzer compact, $16 >

mark. continues to make beauty blog dreams come true
by having me as a brand ambassador for 2015!

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living proof full shampoo + conditioner + satin hair serum3

living proof full shampoo, full conditioner and satin hair serum

thanks to the mystery that is postpartum hormones, i am experiencing a second round of ferocious hair loss. i don’t know why since i haven’t nursed since last november (thought i was well over the shedding hump!) but apparently it’s all very normal and a number of my fellow new moms are going through it, too. unfortunately that gives me no solace as my hair continues to come out by the handful, so i reached out to my dear friends at living proof with a cry (i mean, there were actual tears) for help. after trying a couple of things that just did not vibe with my hair’s texture, i have found the most beautiful trifecta for keeping my fresh bob in check.

in the shower, i’m working with full shampoo and full conditioner and they are quite the dynamic duo. since my hair gets real greasy by day three, i need something that cuts through all of the buildup to give me a totally clean slate, but that doesn’t parch my strands in the process. full shampoo is perfect because it’s sulfate-free but it still gives me a ton of lather, leaving my hair pristine, but not squeaky. i use it on my scalp only, then i follow up with full conditioner on the ends below the nape of my neck. this conditioner is the ideal balance between being lightweight for my medium-fine hair, but still slick enough to fully detangle and hydrate. i love, love, love these products.

since i’m still on the straightening streak (going strong for about sixteen years now), but i have no talent with a round brush, i need a styling product to do the majority of the work for me. it must be oil-free (because said hormones are also causing raging acne) and it must smooth things out without stealing volume. living proof suggested their satin hair serum and holy freaking cow, is this stuff awesome. one tiny pump is enough to get my whole head of hair in order. things are left with a natural shape and volume that i can still get my fingers through and i’m obsessed with how smooth and shiny my hair looks when it’s done.

maybe it’s the science behind these products that makes them so good, maybe it’s because they come from my hometown of boston, or maybe it’s jennifer aniston’s golden touch, but these three have not only lifted my hair, they have lifted my spirits. i never mind investing in things that work and my friends, i am telling you, living proof delivers every single time.

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