pretty practical: cinda b cosmetic bags

medium cosmetic in casablanca sky blue

medium cosmetic in casablanca sky blue

just today, i stumbled upon cinda b and her unbelievable line of patterned handbags, totes, and accessories. always on the prowl for something to lug my stash around in, i was instantly entranced with her collection of accessories, including the most beautiful cosmetic bags i’ve ever seen! available in 11 dazzling designs, these stylish and durable zip-top pouches come in several sizes to fit collections of all kinds. i am super smitten.

how do you tote your beauty booty?

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2 Comments to pretty practical: cinda b cosmetic bags

  1. Caitlyn Miller says:

    I was just introduced to Cinda B at the ATL Market. I love her stuff! So many great designs and so many great size choices. I actually met Cinda herself, and she really is such a sweet person and very talented! I think her collection is going to do very well!

    • theglossarie says:

      that’s so cool! i really love her bags. they were featured on the bachelorette this season and i caught the bug

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