crazylibellule and the poppies

the famous CrazySticks: Shanghaijava Collection

the famous CrazySticks: Shanghaijava Collection

i’m a sucker for simplicity which may be why i’m head over heels for these too-adorable-for-words solid scents that hail from the uber-luxe par-ee (ok, paris). but don’t let that fool you. no larger than your favorite lipgloss, crazysticks by crazylibellule and the poppies are packaged in ecological cardboard tubes and are also alcohol, paraben & artificial coloring-free! like a little kiss to your skin, each stick boasts its own unique combination of single notes. my two personal favorites are blue orchidee (orange, jasmine, vanilla, tangerine & sandalwood) and in love (berry, black pepper, tea, rose). they travel unbelievably well and are sure to bring endless compliments, especially when dabbed at the nape of the neck.

the best part? they are under $20 and while you could previously only find crazysticks at anthropologie (on occasion) and various online retailers, but they are now sold at sephora!

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