game. set. perfect match!

Pomegranate Balmer

did you watch the amazing tennis this weekend? i was on the edge of my seat during the gents’ final but it’s the ladies of the court who never cease to amaze me. is there nothing those williams sisters can’t do? serena williams has recently announced her own active beauty line to be sold on qvc. serena worked with the dermalogical wizards at mission skincare to create a full range of products from body butter to scrub, facial cleanser to lip smacking spf 15 balmers in flavors like pink lemonade and pomegranate (above). each product is loaded with tons of vitamin-y goodness for all to enjoy, even if our overhand serve leaves much to be desired. keep an eye out for serena’s product launch on july 23rd & 24th and, as always, be sure to let us know if you score any of her new stuff!

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