my little pony


i’m guilty of rocking the hit-the-alarm-button-seventeen-times-AGAIN ponytail all to often. i truly wish i was one of those chicks that could commit to the whole, wash, blowdry, straighten, routine daily but it just doesn’t happen. alas, i pop one of these babies in (yes, that’s right. a disposable hair elastic worthy of the treadmill and that’s IT) and prepare to tackle my commute. it has struck me that as a professional young lady in her (ahem) late 20’s, it is high time to up the polish factor and dress up that pony. i’m opting for a classic tortoise barrette that’s allowing me to roll out of bed and go with little effort, but still leaves a grown-up impression more suitable for work.

so, tell me! any other tried and true solutions for polishing up my favorite snooze-button hairstyle?

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4 Comments to my little pony

  1. brookem says:

    i like that barrette a lot.
    if i sleep in, i try to add a side little braid, or maybe even do a pony, but do a wrap around piece of hair over the elastic to spruce it up a bit.

  2. theglossarie says:

    oh you are very sneaky with the side braid/wrap around. i need to learn tricks like that!

  3. flexi 8s!

    I havn’t tried any yet, but have heard good things about them. I’ve been drooling over them for about a year now.

  4. theglossarie says:

    those flexi 8s are very cool! have you ever heard of zann clips? it’s another solution on my lust list!

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