mix it up

yes, i know. i am solid perfume obsessed. BUT there are reasons for that: a) they are cheap cheap and for a fickle beauty junkie like yours truly, this is a major selling point. b) you can blend them together and create new scents all the time which adds to the bang-for-your buck feature and is just plain fun. c) they are muy travel friendly since the 3 oz liquid rule need not apply and they are spill-proof (just keep them out of the hot sun, yes?). the list goes on, but i digress. i’m really here to introduce you to a lovely line of solids called melange (melanger is french for to mix). they come in four fun flavors and you must check out this totally inspiring blending guide. melange actually encourages its wearers to create custom blends and submit them for web consideration. i’m a fan of any brand that lets you play and be creative, so welcome to the glossarie, melange. we’re so happy you’re here.

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  1. brookem says:

    id love to try these!

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