there’s a new curler in town

i am way into curling my lashes. i love the way that it opens up the entire face, even if it’s makeup free. now, if you’re like me and beauty addicts everywhere, when it comes to curlers you’re a slave to the shu. named best eyelash curler year after year, can you blame us? well the bible has named a new top dog and celebrity makeup artist mally roncal has gotten the last lash. my guess is because it gives a virtually pinch-free curl (thanks to an innovative new design that allows you to rest the whole contraption on your cheek) and none of that 90-degree bend that other curlers can deliver. icing on the cake? it comes in an adorable pink pouch with two refills all for $20.

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4 Comments to there’s a new curler in town

  1. Nicole says:

    Is this really better than the Shu? Do I need to upgrade?!

  2. theglossarie says:

    i have a hard time replacing something that already works perfectly but i’m very intrigued by this! maybe i’ll sneak it into your wedding day beauty bag :)

  3. Julie says:

    Where can I buy one? Who makes it?

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