sugar rush

benefit’s powders are tiny dress-up trunks for your cheeks. over the years, they’ve created one for everyone from pale ballerina pink to sun-kissed bronze and they call their latest creation, sugarbomb, a  “sweet rush of gorgeous.” the combination of rose, shimmering pink, soft plum, and peach gives a pretty, customizable flush that’s impossible to achieve with a monotone blush. while the colors may be a bit intense for some, benefit’s finely milled formula means you can start out with a subtle swipe or two and really build to whatever suits your skintone. as with all multi-shade products, you can concentrate the brush in one area that flatters your face or catch an all-over sweep for a unique glow. gotta have it? these four pretty shades for the price of one can be found at the candy shop of beauty treats that is your local benefit counter for $28.

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