bringing sanity back to my skin

alright, people. let’s get real.

as much as i would like to claim perfection, i suffer from rare but aggressive cystic acne. a few times a year, these single planet-sized spots appear in the chin area and wreak havoc in my life. if you’ve ever had a cystic pimple, you feel my pain. they are harsh and painful, buried way deep down in your skin so they never really come to a head and therefore can’t be popped. i have even debated going to the dermatologist to get a cortisone shot because over the counter options just don’t work.

well, now that i’ve totally grossed you out, how about a happy ending to my misery? my search for a cure is over! master esthetician, renee rouleau, has created an anti cyst treatment that works. it’s very reasonably priced and highly concentrated so just a drop twice a day begins the healing process that brings sweet relief to my skin. i’ve seen my pesky pimples disappear before my very eyes and all with no scarring. hallelujah!

so fellow sufferers, rejoice! renee rouleau’s anti-cyst treatment is sold exclusively through her website for $38.

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  1. Hiya! I decided to drop you a quick note to express my thanks. I have been watching your blog for a week or so and have plucked up a heap of good data while enjoying the way in which you’ve got designed your site. I am attempting to run my own weblog nonetheless I believe its too general and I want to focus more on smaller topics.

    • theglossarie says:

      thanks so much! that’s very sweet. best of luck in launching your own blog! i’ve found that smaller is better :) i’m sure it will be great!

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