spring break in a brick

it all started with my hunt for bobbi brown’s lip balm spf 15, my go-to winter lip saver, which is sold out everywhere i’ve turned. on my third attempt to land a new silvery tin of relief-offering goodness, i *may* have stomped my feet in frustration causing the lovely lady at the bloomie’s bobbi counter to a) offer to quick-ship me the lip balm store-to-door at no charge and b) seduce me into her chair and make me look like i had gone to cabo on my lunch break. her secret? a new shimmerbrick in nectar from the cabana corals collection. this punched-up peach version of bobbi’s iconic compact is a stunner and for someone who’s skin hasn’t seen the sun in eons, it brightened up my pale complexion for a quick and pretty glow. i snapped one up instantly because for this grad student slash bride-to-be, $38 is in the budget and a trip to mexico is sadly not.

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2 Comments to spring break in a brick

  1. Angela says:

    oOooOo, I really like this! Who doesn’t want to look like they just went to Cabo? :)

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