you know you’re marrying a beauty blogger when …

…this is your shower lineup!

ok, so maaaybe i turned him on to kiehl’s in college and recently forced anthony logistics on him under the guise of santa, but mr. glossarie to be (aka steve) has made me so proud. whilst lathering up the other morning i took inventory of his product selection and cracked up to realize that his way outshines mine! my drugstore group of st. ive’s, cetaphil, and john frieda pales in comparison to his professional/department store choices.

but, what can i say? he appreciates a good algae facial cleanser and for that (and many many other reasons) he’s a keeper.

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One Comment to you know you’re marrying a beauty blogger when …

  1. brookem says:

    you guys are too cute!
    tell me more about this anthony logistics?

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