too pretty to use

i can’t get enough of this garden-inspired blush by guerlain. it’s beautifully on trend and, along with its soft pink and peachy goodness, i just adore the pattern. it’s definitely one of those things i would splurge on, open up and stare at occasionally, but would never so much as stroke it across my cheekbones for fear of ruining its pretty print. (and then i’d probably just resent it for being a $50 unused blush and not a lovely new top from anthropologie, but i digress.) alas, this is why it lives at and not in my makeup bag. it can, however, live in your makeup bag and i can live vicariously through you. so snatch it up! and tell me all about it.

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2 Comments to too pretty to use

  1. Kelsey says:

    Oh God, that’s beautiful.

    But, um, yeah.. I think I’ll continue to dream with you.. lol

    • theglossarie says:

      glad i’m not alone! i almost felt like i was wronging my addiction by posting that :)