pop quiz!

which fabulous beauty brand makes the gorgeous multi-hued compact up above?

if you guessed guerlain, you’re wrong! i mistook this pretty powder for the high-tech meteorites powder put forth by the french beauty giant. (unfortunately for me, these days, $65 is a pair of wedding-day earrings not a beauty buy.) you may jump for joy when i tell you that the pearly palette up above is by none other than the drugstore aficionado, physicians formula! it retails for a much more wallet-friendly $14 and is part of the brand’s major overhaul which has pumped out some amazingly awesome new products. this particular piece is part of the mineral wear line, but also worth a peek are the concealer trio, shimmer strips gel liners, and bamboo wear.

and probably the best news of all? physicians formula is now on twitter so you can follow their every move (squeal)!

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2 Comments to pop quiz!

  1. Kelsey says:

    That looks gorgeous! I’m thinking I should check that out.

    In this PF overhaul, they’re not getting rid of the Shimmer Strips, right? I hope not.. I friggin’ love those things, lol.

    • theglossarie says:

      as far as i know they’re still around. i love them too! they’re like bobbi shimmerbricks on the cheap

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