tea time for tocca

i’m looking for a fresh summer fragrance and i think i may have found a serious contender in tocca’s new bianca. technically a soft floral, the scent comes across as what i can only describe as girly citrus. it has a hint of mojito (thanks to green tea, lemon, and sugar in the ingredient list, i’m guessing!) but is very grown up and perfect for pairing with linen pants and wispy tanks. you must go smell this one gals, and i dare you not to scoop it up for yourself!

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2 Comments to tea time for tocca

  1. On the Glam says:

    Yum, I love that this kinda smells like Mojitos, which are, incidentally, my fave summertime drink.

    Right now I’m loving Calypso’s Mimosa for spring. Not a newbie, but such a delish floral fragrance

    • theglossarie says:

      i also love a mojito in the summer months! very refreshing. and i will have to look into calypso! sounds yummy