estee finds her inner animal

estee lauder is no spring chicken. not that it’s a bad thing, she’s a brand with 60 years of incredible experience complete with iconic products and faces to represent them. that being said, i’m completely blown away by the latest product release which includes teal liquid eyeshadow and this stunning powder blush whose crowning glory is hot pink zebra stripes. it may just be the holy grail for my darling little sister who has long been on the hunt for a tall order of a cheekie that’s bronze, shimmery, and bright pink. i think this product has appeal for young’uns and the young at heart. i am so happy to see this industry leader break out of the “your mother’s makeup” mold and reveal her inner bombshell!

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3 Comments to estee finds her inner animal

  1. lolol where’s a light beer whenever you need one

  2. This is so much fun – the perfect combination!

    • theglossarie says:

      i so agree! totally perfect for summer if you’ve got cheeks that can take a pop of color : )