the whole kit and

my most fave gals at kaboodle presented an awesome link love opportunity last week and, of course, yours truly jumped at the chance. for those who don’t know, kaboodle is a community of shopaholics who come together to share links and products from all over the web and beyond. it is the home of my very much alive and growing list of beauty lusts as well as collections of jewels and everything else i’m wishing for. their new hot blogger spotlight gave me the chance to compile a list of my fifteen cosmetic must-haves and why i love them. hope you will make a visit to kaboodle-land and enjoy the sneak peek inside my cosmetic goodie bag!

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4 Comments to the whole kit and

  1. this post is very usefull thx!

  2. Hadley Nixon says:

    Yay, congrats! I was actually going to request your best of list for those of us who are cosmetically challenged.

    • theglossarie says:

      haha i feel like i should add makeup bag consultations to my repertoire. kind of like how i would like you to come to dc and give me a closet consultation!

  3. Hi I love that you are right in the mix of public “feedback” and are involved in the discussions (however banal they are). Keep up the good work and, of course, the good design!