sunkissed skinny

i adore the sun. but, let’s just say it doesn’t love me. i’ve long been looking for a great lotion that subtly self-tans without smelling like toxic waste and/or getting streaky. i’ve given up on the drugstore versions and took my search to the big leagues hoping to find the holy grail. well, god bless sephora and their never ending failure to solve my beauty dilemmas! philosophy has introduced the big skinny — a self-tanning cream that smells delightful and (wait for it) firms your flabby bits! it’s about time someone came up with this unstoppable combo.

first of all, it’s the very first formula i’ve found that gives natural, gradual color. add in those amazing smoothing and toning agents and i am two seconds from absolutely taking a bath in this stuff! it smells amazing, just like cocoa and makes you feel overall just delicious. i am literally floored by this product and can’t recommend it highly enough. it runs $28 for 4 oz but you can score 20% off all orders at philosophy today with the code happiness.

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4 Comments to sunkissed skinny

  1. Diana says:

    I think I need to try this ;)

  2. Dwight says:

    I am not sure I want to smell and look like chocolate!

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