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i don’t really like to play favorites but if i had to choose one brand to use for eternity, it would be bobbi brown. there are tons of reasons: from the range and quality of products in her collection to the excellent service her makeup artists provide at the bb counter, and of course her platform to inspire women and girls to be pretty powerful. well, now bobbi has given me one more reason to love her stuff.

it’s no secret that i am eye challenged. a lash curler and a few swipes of mascara is more often than not, the most makeup action my peepers see. however, my comfort levels are rising steadily after watching this how-to vid where bobbi breaks her famous eye look down to 3 simple steps! it’s short and sweet and once you’ve checked it out, you can decide how to recreate the magic with products already in your bag or shop the everything eyes products preselected by the beauty guru herself.

are you eye challenged? let me know if bobbi’s simple 1, 2, 3 gives you as much hope as it gives me!

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