pretty displays from pottery barn

you might have noticed, but i have a love affair with accessories. i’m a big fan of using my favorite pieces as an element of decor so i was pretty pleased to see these gorgeous and design-y storage optionsĀ  for jewelry and shoes from pottery barn!

a greek goddess keeps your necklaces organized and on display for $129.

a vintage jelly cupboard is the perfect place for your favorite jewels and accessories! with double-sided mirrored doors, hooks inside and hooks below, i can’t get enough of this pretty cabinet for $129.

and quite possibly my favorite – an anthro-esque handcrafted display ladder that holds six pairs of heels!

so what do you think? do you display your shoes and jewels? would you invest in any of these pieces?

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4 Comments to pretty displays from pottery barn

  1. Tierney says:

    Pottery Barn (and other furniture stores, like Restoration Hardware) makes me feel inadequate about my house. It is mildly depressing.

    • lara says:

      i can so relate. i like to gain inspiration from the catalogs and then dream. but these few options look to be on the easier side to copy with some thrifting/antiquing if you’re adventurous!

  2. Very cool. I hang some of my scarves on a vintage-looking coat rack thing and I have my necklaces and some earrings hanging on the wall on a holder thing from Urban Outfitters.

    • lara says:

      yes! it reminds me of this satc quote from carrie where she says “i like all of my money right where i can see it. hanging in my closet.” (er walls? in this case)