a friday fave from MAC + link love

i am not normally a fan of things mac. as beauty bloggers go, it’s safe to say i trend more towards the sephora camp than the mac camp so color me surprised when i fell hard for these spring 2011 lightfully bright lipglasses by none other than the m-a-c. this party of four is sheer and frosty and remnant of my teen years in the cvs beauty aisle. i am a total sucker for their iridescence and shimmer. want to meet them?

from left to right, they are:

  • astro cool (pale lilac with yellow iridescence and shimmer)
  • atmospheric (pink with blue and pink shimmer)
  • ethereal (pale blue with yellow iridescence and shimmer)
  • outer space (white with pink iridescence and shimmer)

honestly, there is little difference in resulting color among all of them because they are so sheer and sparkly. the allure for me is in their ability to warm up (astro cool) and cool down (atmospheric) any other colors already in your bag of tricks. they will obviously add some shimmer to your more matte lipsticks, as well. if you’re curious about these easter basket-worthy glosses, they are available in mac stores and online for $14.50.

hope you beauties have a fabulous weekend! i will kick mine off with a few things i’ve been wanting to share with you, in no particular order:

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2 Comments to a friday fave from MAC + link love

  1. I have to agree; am not a MAC fan either! Thanks for this introduction, though; if you like them, there’s hope for me :)

    • lara says:

      there are a *few* select mac things that i’ve latched on to and i will continue to share them here! i love dabbing these over matte lipstick for a smooth, nonsticky sheen – let me know if you try them out :)