goof-proof: kiss premium false eyelashes

i can count the number of times that i’ve worn false lashes on one finger. aside from the fact that i have few glamorous occasions that call for strip falsies, they’re just so darn difficult to apply! beauty brand kiss has heard my (and many other frustrated shaky-handed ladies) cry and attached genius guide strings to their new line of premium eyelashes. those looking for fuller fringe at under $5 will be thrilled at how easy these are to apply – just add adhesive to the top edge, use strings to position exactly at your lash line, give it a few seconds to dry, then slip the strings out.

kiss premium eyelashes are available in nine styles for $3.99 at walgreens and other drugstores.

move over, bambi.

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One Comment to goof-proof: kiss premium false eyelashes

  1. vonnie says:

    are you serious?? what a godsend! need those asap :D thanks


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