sonia kashuk beautifying blush

every once in awhile a drugstore product comes along that beats out its pricey designer rivals. if your cheeks are looking for a little “oomph” but your pockets don’t want to pay a lot of moolah, it’s time you met sonia kashuk’s beautifying blushes. chic round compacts house one of five gorgeously natural, matte shades that give cheeks the perfect flush. each powder is finely milled and rich in pigment so color pay off is amazing. i’m especially in love with flamingo’s childlike pink tint! all in all, this is one of those blushes that applies beautifully and lasts all day, worth every one of the 899 pennies you will spend to get your own.

sonia kashuk’s beautifying blush is available at target for $8.99.

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2 Comments to sonia kashuk beautifying blush

  1. Adiel says:

    I soooo don’t need another blush, but after that recommendation, I kinda want to buy this!

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