sephora microfiber hair turban

i am terrible at sitting still and even worse at waiting. so it may be no surprise to you that the one part of my beauty routine that causes near agony, has always been waiting for my hair to dry the perfect right amount before i can blow dry. we’re talking 10, maybe 12 minutes in the morning, and it’s misery.

it’s mostly misery because when i make a post-shower hair wrap with our bath towels: a) it hurts my neck whilst i attempt to read email; b) it is almost always guaranteed to prematurely fall apart whilst i make my morning latte and c) it is so heavy that i can literally feel it pulling out the hairs around my forehead whilst i pack my gym bag, make my lunch, etc.

no. bueno.

so off i went looking for a solution and what i found was this microfiber hair turban from sephora. i’m probably the last person on earth to discover this little gem (and i think there are probably about 100 other versions out there), but it is a wonder! you just flip your wet head, twist your hair up in its ultra light microfiber softness, button it at the nape of your neck and multitask AWAY.

after a month of use, the turban has literally changed my hair. i swear that it’s smoother, with less frizz and damage plus those 10-12 minutes of waiting are practically cut in half thanks to some kind of microfiber magic. i’m back to my manic multitasking without neck pain, hair rippage, or balancing act to prevent premature breakdown.

i will use it until forever!

do others suffer my towel-wrap woes? is anyone else a fan of the turban? do tell!

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6 Comments to sephora microfiber hair turban

  1. casie says:

    Yet another discovery!!! I friggin hate when I feel the hairs pulling from my forehead!

  2. Maria says:

    This is the best news! I must try this.

    • lara ramos says:

      i am so devastated that i left mine in nyc, i have to get to sephora this week to replace it. my hair is not happy with me!

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