fresh seaberry restorative body cream

i’m beach bound, beauties! off to play for a long weekend at my parents’ house in newburyport, mass. on the agenda is lots of sun and sips on the rooftop deck. i can’t wait!

being the fair maiden that i am, my skin does not take kindly to lots of sun so i’m bringing my latest love from fresh along for post-beach relief. i’ve always needed to keep two body lotions on hand throughout the year -a thicker one for winter and a lighter version for summer, but something in the properties of seaberry oil has a major moisturizing effect that absorbs completely so that there’s no stickiness left behind. it softens parched skin on contact and relieves the irritation caused by the sun and cold. i can’t define the seaberry scent, but i can tell you that it’s bright and citrusy without being overly sweet. probably one of my favorites from fresh so far! finally? it’s a nice big fat bottle for $28.50 making it all the more impossible to resist.

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2 Comments to fresh seaberry restorative body cream

  1. katie says:

    I have a mild obsession with fresh and literally CAN NOT wait to try this product after reading your post!!!

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