guest posting: stila loves old and new

makeup junkies: do you remember the brand that started your addiction? the product that fueled the fire?

i’m guest blogging for stila today and telling all, from my entry to the brand with their baked cheek duo to my latest stila love, the brighten and correct concealer. click on over to the stila blog to read more!

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2 Comments to guest posting: stila loves old and new

  1. I love Stila… it was totally the brand that started my addiction! It started with Kitten eye shadow, and spiraled out of control from there!

    • lara ramos says:

      seems like it’s more of a popular “entry level” brand than i realized :) i think it’s amazing how they continue to stay super relevant and put out interesting, fun and practical products. no wonder they’re a favorite for so many!