a signature necklace to never take off

do you like my new necklace? i treated myself at a recent stella & dot party and i’m loving its daintiness.

a little back story: my parents gave me a two-tone cape cod bracelet for my mba graduation and because it needs to be screwed on/off, it’s been on my wrist ever since. i have never left jewelry on permanently before and thought i would hate it. in truth, i love that i don’t have to think about it and i have a (very) mini arm party going before i even put on any extra bling!

so, along the same concept, i’ve been searching for a simple, tiny necklace that i can just leave on 24-7. i was really thrilled to add it this my jewel collection. the necklace has three clasp options for varying lengths and the arrow is a small and symbolic reminder for me to be brave and take risk.

now to explain to my husband why i don’t sleep in my wedding rings, but this golden bauble gets full-time status…

score your own ‘on the mark’ necklace ($49) or plenty of other pretty at stella & dot.

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2 Comments to a signature necklace to never take off

  1. Tricia Munro says:

    Just looked to see if they had this necklace in silver! Very cute! Love your blog!!:o)

    • lara ramos says:

      thanks, tricia! the necklace would be so cute in silver. they are putting out new pieces all the time so if not in this design, i wouldn’t be surprised if something similar popped up soon!

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