the glossarie named one of 10 washington fashion and beauty blogs to watch in 2012

the blog and i are having a little moment in the dc sun today with an exciting nod from local area mag, the washingtonian’s shop around blog. i am perched among nine insanely talented lovelies (a few of whom i am lucky enough to call my good friends, the rest of whom i am looking forward to stalking and meeting soon!) and their own pretty places on the web. i hope you’ll click through and take a look at the write up, whether you’re a district dweller or fan from afar. these ladies have some seriously awesome things going on and i think you’re going to want to keep them on your radar.

18 thoughts on “the glossarie named one of 10 washington fashion and beauty blogs to watch in 2012

  1. Lara!!! Wow! I mean, it was only a matter of time – your blog is just so beautiful and fun to read. congrats and merry christmas, my bloggie friend! xo shanna

    • aww you are too sweet!! thanks so much for those kind words :) merry christmas to you – one of my first and favorite fans xo

  2. As if there were not already so many reasons to be proud to call you my niece you have added another. Congrats so happy for you. Tell that hubby of yours you deserve a great dinner tonight!!

  3. Congrats…way to go girl!!! Meaghan needs new makeup…will definitely use your recommendations :o) So happy Sarah has such a wonderful friend…Merry Christmas!!

    • aww thanks, mrs. r! i am so lucky to have sarah + i can’t wait to go visit her in ny! good luck on the makeup hunt for miss meg, let me know if i can help :) merry christmas to you!!

  4. Congrats Lara! I saw a shout out to you on Blair’s facebook page – now I’m going to have to start reading your blog religiously :) What a fabulous recognition!

    p.s…will miss you in NYC next week!

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