diorshow heat curl

at $25, this is one of those investments that could replace your existing lash curler and make any/all mascaras in your arsenal look like a million bucks.

when used after applying mascara, diorshow heat curl not only makes formulas more fluid, coating lashes more evenly, removing clumps and smoothing things out for a spot-on refined look, it also locks curl in place. it takes about a minute to warm up and two settings keep things customizable for those who prefer a little more or a little less heat. it’s far safer and gentler on the eyes than heating your existing metal lash curler with a blow dryer and the resulting look is fluttery and finished. you’ll be in awe of your own beautifully defined, wide awake lashes!

diorshow heat curl heating lash curler is available at sephora.

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12 Comments to diorshow heat curl

  1. thanks for introducing this product! i’ll definitely be trying it! xx

  2. Teresaurus says:

    I suppose if a girl were to really have concern over her eyelashes this would be the tool. My eyelashes, thank god are naturally very curly and dark so I can’t help but feel cosmetics tend to get a little silly. Regardless, make-up is the grown girl’s barbie.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I think the thing that absolutely makes you look the best is great lashes! I REALLY want to try this out now! I’ve always been too scared to take a hot eye lash curler to my lashes but this seems a little easier to use!


    • lara ramos says:

      i so agree! if my lashes look good, i’m a happy girl. this is definitely one of the best models i’ve found out there so far. it makes a big difference when you use it after applying mascara (which is a switch for me).

  4. lily mcnamara says:

    i’ve had a recent lash obsession so this post makes me very, very happy!! thanks for the info.

  5. oh wow, this kinda freaks me out. but then again, i do heat my own lash curler so it really shouldn’t:) that would def take one less step out of my beauty routine if it worked!

    • lara ramos says:

      haha this should freak you out much less than your current method! it works really nicely, give it a try :) your eyelids will be much happier (and safer).

  6. lovelavonne says:

    are both indicators on the wand supposed to turn green or just the bottom one. My bottom indicator only turns green, even after 10 minutes. Maybe mine is defective?

    • lara ramos says:

      hmm…both should turn green, but they are very faint. it shouldn’t take longer than a minute or so – is it working when you try to curl your lashes? i would take it back to wherever you got it and get another, just to be safe.

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