cargo colorsticks

monochromatic makeup is one of those looks that’s always in. sporting the same shade on eyes, lips, and cheeks is not only great in a pinch, but it’s also chic and uncomplicated. a perfect way to pull it off is with a multiple like cargo’s new colorstick.

if you’ve never done it, you might find it hard to latch onto the idea of using one product on three parts of the face, but i promise you it’s multitasking at its finest. i love applying creamy color on my lips and i’ve even gotten used to wearing it on my cheeks, but i’ve never been comfortable brushing it on my eyes mainly because it always tends to crease.

cargo has really mastered the cream-to-powder formula and created something that doesn’t settle into lines or creases which is great for all three pieces of real estate on which you may decide to apply it. the five product shades give all skin tones a dose of natural, pretty color and will keep you looking far from boring.

cargo colorsticks are available online for $28.

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4 Comments to cargo colorsticks

  1. Sharon says:

    I’ve wanted to try these for awhile except I have very oily lids and can never wear cream eyeshadow–even with a good primer. Maybe since its a cream-to-powder it might work better.

    • lara ramos says:

      i am with you on the oily lids – it’s weird (and awful). i always use benefit’s stay don’t stray underneath any/all shadows, but i find that the cargosticks have nice staying power. definitely give them a try!

  2. Madison says:

    I will have to try these, they look absolutely divine! I can’t believe I am just now taking the time out of my day to surf around different blogs. Yours is amazing!! I’ll be following you on Bloglovin’!

    I look forward to reading more from you soon!


    • lara ramos says:

      thanks, madison! i’m so glad you found me. and you must try the cargo colorsticks – you’ll love ’em. look forward to keeping in touch!

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