featured on chevrons & stripes!

i am so completely tickled to be featured on sarah lederman’s chevrons & stripes this morning. i’m a longtime fan of sarah’s blog and we connected recently through the twitterverse after i fell in love with her home feature on glitter guide. she and i have lots in common when it comes to girly aesthetics (i basically want to fly her to dc and have her make over casa ramos immediately.) and chevrons & stripes is a really beautiful spot on the web. it’s one of my favorite sources of inspiration – you must add sarah to your daily reads if you’re not already following along. now, clickety click on over to see my picks for her “the it list” series!

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  1. Eileen Ferraiolo says:

    Loved the Newburyport/PI shout out! Francis & Kerry will love the reference to a local establishmnet that rings a bell at sunset! I hope you and Steve are planning your summmer visit.

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