introducing “keep it pretty”

i’m a freak for organization. the container store is like disney world to me and i love purchasing things to put other things inside of. boxes, bags, mugs, bowls, vases. it’s an obsession. but, combine this obsession with a love for beauty products and a new blog series is born! welcome to a little column that i’m calling “keep it pretty.”

i love to see how people store and display their beauty products and the blogosphere is a treasure trove of inspiration. i’m looking forward to sharing gorgeous beauty vignettes and how to recreate them, my own little storage and display solutions, and those of other bloggers who i just can’t get enough of.

to kick things off, i’m featuring one of my favorite ways to store things around my condo – anthropologie’s monogrammed mugs. i’ve found about one hundred uses for these since they popped up in store, including making some of my daily products a home inside an “L” that sits on my bathroom shelf.

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6 Comments to introducing “keep it pretty”

  1. Such a beautiful idea! I have little tubes, brushes, etc. stashed in various things, but my favorite is using candle holders for q-tips, cotton balls, etc. Such an easy way to use a pretty holder when the candle is gone!

  2. RosaLovesDC says:

    Sometimes when I’m stressed out I go to the Container Store to refocus and get centered. That place is like a temple to me. No kidding. I love organizing stuff and I was just thinking about how to organize my make up brushes and this is a gray idea. Love it.

    • lara ramos says:

      ahh! i’m not alone. i have to walk up and down every aisle – it’s a sickness. glad you like keep it pretty :) more posts soon!

  3. Ha – I use the exact same mug for my makeup, except w/ a “C” – I love it:) I’m getting a bit crowded though, so I’m eyeing some pretty, clear lucite style containers for the overflow.

    • lara ramos says:

      that’s a good idea! i use some bud vases from crate & barrel. they were going to be the subject of my next post, but my husband smashed them accidentally last night while getting ready for bed. back to the drawing board!