butter london disco biscuit

opi i lily love you vs. butter london disco biscuit

this is no april fool’s joke. after many months of scouring the internets, i have finally found a more than acceptable duplicate for our beloved opi ‘i lily love you’. it is still the number two most popular searched phrase that lands new friends and followers here at the glossarie, only to prompt many an email to my inbox as to where the sheer pink tint with bright sparkle can be bought.

well, happy day! the fine folks at butter london have worked a nearly perfect replacement into their spring 12 collection. named disco biscuit, the creators are calling it a “tropical hot pink with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles.” sounds about right on the money.

now, hurry and scoop it up before it’s gone! because if we’ve learned nothing from last spring, we now know how quickly these hot pink glitter nail polishes disappear from sight. you can score butter london’s disco biscuit for $14 here.

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5 Comments to butter london disco biscuit

  1. megis217 says:

    hi! i have both I lilly love you and disco biscuit, and they are not dupes, sorry. i lilly love you is a jelly pink base with chunks of gold flakies and disco biscuit is not a jelly base, its more of a translucence hot pink with blue micro glitter. its amazing! its so much prettier than i lilly love you.

    if you want a dupe of i lily love you try zoya Fleck Effect in chloe.

    • lara ramos says:

      hi megan, you’re right – they definitely have their own unique personalities. for me, disco biscuit really captures the spirit of i lily love you which is why i compared them. i found zoya chloe to be much more sheer and much less pink than i lily love you, but it’s another great option for readers to check out. anyway – love, love that you shared your thoughts with us! hope you’ll stop by again soon :)

  2. dcshopgirl says:

    Love disco biscuit! Who can turn down sparkly pink nail poli? xx

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