this or that: bronzer duos

*this or that: blush & bronzer duos


i love a blush and bronzer duo. my years as a beauty addict have taught me that going with a formula that has multiple tones can be super flattering to tricky skin tones since there’s often nothing better than a product that allows you to create a custom blend. i need a bit of bronzer to warm things up after putting on my daily dose of foundation, but for fair girls like me, the addition of a peach, coral, or rose to the bronze can add a brightening finishing touch. it pulls the whole look together and makes it look more natural. i’ve chosen two bang up options for anyone in the market for a blush and bronzer in one compact, regardless of your budget.

top: nyx cosmetics bronzer & blusher combo, $9
(a mostly matte finish, perfect for those fighting
blemishes or wrinkles which shimmer tends to amplify)

bottom: bobbi brown limited edition bronzer/blush duo, $36
(so stunning in pink peony and bahama brown)

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  1. always a fan of bobbi brown products!

  2. Bobbi Brown of course!

  3. laurenea says:

    Thanks. What do you think of the Nars blush/bronzer duo?

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