looks good for your guy: kiehl’s facial fuel ‘no shine’ hydrator

guys have to change up their skincare routine for summer, too, and in my condo, it’s mandatory – as i’m running a bit of a beauty dictatorship here. lucky for mr. ramos, he doesn’t have to put much thought into it. the right products magically land on his dresser. the latest installment into his man routine is this ‘no-shine” hydrator from kiehl’s facial fuel line. it gives skin a refreshing boost of hydration while reducing shine and zapping oil. this is especially handy for portuguese husbands with mediterranean skin. the product acts like micro-sponges and absorbs oil and sweat keeping the face clean and fresh. the formula absorbs quickly, feels lightweight, and leaves no residue. skin feels hydrated and moisturized without looking shiny. it’s your basic summertime secret weapon.

kiehl’s facial fuel “no-shine” hydrator is $21 and available here.

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4 Comments to looks good for your guy: kiehl’s facial fuel ‘no shine’ hydrator

  1. Thanks for the heads up; my man needs a skin update!

  2. Rachel says:

    I like that idea, and I’ll take note of it for the future. When I have a husband or boyfriend I’m living with, products will just appear for him in our bathroom!

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