this or that: double-ended brows

this or that: double-ended brows

my brows are moody. i find that they need different things on different days. some mornings i can get by with a quick swipe of brow gel to tame a few unrulies and some mornings they are mostly well-behaved, but a few sparse spots need filling in. of course there are the days when they need both (little brats) and instead of stocking two brow products in my beauty bag, i save precious real estate with one of these brow duos. they each boast a tinted, soft-hold gel with spoolie brush and an angled waterproof pencil for definition – a bratty brow owner’s saving grace.

top: smashbox brow tech to go, $26

bottom: pixi beauty natural brow duo, $18

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6 Comments to this or that: double-ended brows

  1. RosaLovesDC says:

    Thanks for these recommendations. My eyebrows are certainly moody most of the time and while I can get them under control before leaving home, sometimes it would be nice to have one of these products at hand because they are always ‘little brats’ that show their ugly face in the middle of the day. Thanks again!

  2. Great recommendations! I actually have been using the MAC Eye Brows pencil for the past year and have been really happy:

    BUT, I just started using the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper and have become OBSESSED. It is pretty awesome, and at this point I am using both. I love that the Shaper adds depth to my brows and makes them appear a lot thicker than they actually are.

  3. Yasmin Reyes says:

    Oh gosh, my eyebrows are probably the most “ick” part of my face. I absolutely have no control over it, even the lady at the Benefit Brow Bar can’t wax it properly and that’s another $20 down the drain. Do you have any eyebrow tutorials?

    Miss Madd

    • lara ramos says:

      sadly, no…i leave my brows to the experts! is there an anastasia counter near you? they certainly know what they’re doing and i have witnessed them tame some seriously unruly situations!