dove style+care frizz-free shine cream-serum

all hail my latest hair obsession – and, get ready for this, it costs less than $5.

dove’s new style+care cream-serum is a tiny godsend for my heat-damaged hair. one pump of the pearly product is plenty for my shoulder-length locks and i felt an instant difference when first running it through my hair. it smoothed my waves and unfurled my snags, perfectly prepping things for a blow dry. blow drying was faster than usual and my hair was smoother, less wavy when i was done. to finish, flat ironing was a total breeze. i’m usually still fighting with my waves at this point, getting hot and frustrated while i work to smooth things out. with the dove cream-serum, my straightener glided through, cleaning up the kinks with very little effort.

the finished result is super light-feeling, shiny, soft and swingy hair without a hint of grease. dove really brings out the best in my hair, without weighing it down. the style also holds longer than with other products and i can easily get through two full days without washing or applying dry shampoo. (this is a small miracle!)

i’m beyond in love, here. who knew that such good things could come from such a little investment?

dove style+care frizz-free shine cream-serum is available in drugstores and grocery stores for $4 – $5. i had a hard time tracking it down, so check here to see where it’s sold in your ‘hood or buy it online here.

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2 Comments to dove style+care frizz-free shine cream-serum

  1. Johanna says:

    Have you tried their dry shampoo? I just got it and I love it. Such a drugstore score!