koh gen do cleansing spa water

between you and me, cleansing spa water is really just a fancy and chic way of saying makeup remover. good for a quick clean up, cleansing waters are super easy to use, making makeup removal completely painless. they’re great for beauty minimalists who don’t need the overkill of a nightly regime and for night owls who tend to get a little lackadaisical about face washing.

as a longtime vaseline user for removing my eye makeup (i know…but it works!), i must admit that koh gen do does the trick even better than my trusty petroleum go-to. a few swipes with a cotton pad removes it all without irritating my eyes or leaving a greasy residue. it’s oil-free, alcohol-free and safe for those of us who wear contacts. as an extra bonus, it has six herbal extracts that nourish your skin, meaning that it gives a little something back while it cleans your makeup away.

koh gen do cleansing spa water is available in two sizes at sephora.

do you use a cleansing water to remove your makeup?

5 thoughts on “koh gen do cleansing spa water

  1. Ahh while standing at the line at Sephora, I saw this & thought about getting it, but didn’t know if it was worth $13. Next time, I’ll check it out!

    Great review,

    • oh, that impulse buy section at the sephora checkout will be the end of me :) let me know if you give this a test sometime soon!

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