make up for ever hd microfinish powder + kabuki brush

make up for ever hd mincrofinish powder + kabuki


combination skin can be so tricky. along with the occasional (or constant) breakout, skin that’s tight and dry after washing has a tendency to turn oily in the afternoons. it can be so frustrating to leave the house looking great, only to return at the end of the day to eyeshadow that has disappeared and a dewy look that’s just not really appropriate in november. to keep things more matte, i have adopted a product introduced to me by the lovely nicole. make up for ever’s hd microfinish powder is a godsend for anyone who suffers from shine – whether it be in one specific area (nose, t-zone) or generally all over. i keep to nicole’s advice of using a big fluffy brush and applying very sparingly (otherwise things end up looking far too heavy).

it instantly sets your look in place, but the real magic is in the difference that you’ll see at the end of the day: skin looks fresh, healthy, and far less shiny. the translucence mattifies without leaving you looking dull or flat, it gives a soft, beautiful finish and provides an invisible layer of perfection. this powder doesn’t change the color of your foundation and is ideal over both powders and liquids. i like to apply it with the make up for ever hd kabuki brush, sweeping it on after my foundation, but before mascara and blush. this duo is so worth the spend.

as a side note, i was really excited to see that the coordinating kabuki brush came with its own little zip pouch – how great for taking it on the go? sadly, said little zip pouch lives in a drawer, because one morning application is really all that i need.

make up for ever hd microfinish powder ($18 – $32) and the make up for ever hd kabuki brush ($40) are both available at sephora.

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  1. I really need to try this. I am on a powder kick and I know Nicole knows her stuff :)

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