day to night: lip care

day to night: lip care

it is chilly outside! and i swear the first part of my body to feel the effects of the winter change is my lips. every season i can tell when the humidity is leaving town and colder days are on the way…brrr. i would love to know how some of you deal with the perma-chapped lips that come with winter, because the only way that i can seem to manage is with a super soothing one-two punch. i have needs beyond lip balm and chapstick. after washing my face in the morning and slathering on moisture, i’ve been using dhc’s lip cream for long-lasting hydration. oilive oil and vitamin e make this stick really luscious and wash my lips in smoothness before i layer on the day’s lip color. at night, i keep reaching for murad’s soothing skin and lip care to encourage healing whilst i get my beauty rest and it even exfoliates the dry damaged spots – it works wonders, i’m telling you. both products have drastically improved the look and feel of my lips and i’m really hoping that their combined magic continues as the weather gets colder.

do give your lips a little extra love this time of year?

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4 Comments to day to night: lip care

  1. KIT says:

    My lips get really chapped in the winter too! I put on Aquaphor before I go to bed (it’s about $5 at the drugstore) and then use Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment or Burt’s Bees during the day. Aquaphor really is the best for chapped lips and it’s cheap!

  2. this sounds like a perfect combo, i need to get on it!