mark. blogger collective

mark. blogger collective

i am really super excited about monday’s announcement of me as the newest member of mark’s blogger collective! in case you missed it, i have joined a great group of three fellow bloggers who will serve as brand ambassadors for the mark line in 2013. partnering with a brand on this level has been a personal goal of mine since starting the glossarie and i could not be more thrilled that i will be working with mark this year.

if you’re not familiar with mark, the brand is chock full of fresh, on-trend, and priced-right beauty products, skincare, and styling aids as well as fashion and accessories. mark is right on the money when it comes to interpreting trends and they also offer a unique level of personalization with magnetic snap to it palettes and these cool hook ups. i can’t wait to share my new mark product discoveries with you throughout the year!

along with special access to the complete line of mark products, i’ll be covering events, interviewing tastemakers and bringing you a very cool and unique perspective to what goes on behind the scenes of this crazy fun company. you can check out my first post for here and look forward to seeing more from me and mark very soon!

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  1. congrats! that’s awesome!

  2. Congrats, Lara! Very proud of/excited for you.

  3. triplyksis says:

    That is way too exciting, Lara! Congrats!

  4. Francesca Bee says:

    Congrats! I’m excited to follow your journey with this new adventure!! I only just found your blog, and am slightly obsessed (not in a creepy way!)

  5. casie says:

    woot woot!!! Congrats, darling!!! So exciting!

  6. Congratulations to youu! :)x

  7. nicole.b says:

    congrats! this is so exciting. i loved working with mark. – such a fabulous group of ladies (and men!).

    x, nicole

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