i met the sweet and charming kristina while working the international gift fair in nyc over the past week. let’s just say that my lips were cruisin’ for a bruisin’ in the frozen new york weather and kristina’s offer to sample her mowrah lip butter was too good to pass up. my lips were quickly softened and soothed and i was entranced by the taste of tangerine butter cream. while i was rubbing my lips together and chatting with kristina, i learned that the formula also works to prevent wrinkles and it serves as a great lip primer. sold!


to complement my newly refreshed lips, kristina encouraged me to give her ‘butter all over’ a try. i noticed an immediate difference in the formula before i even put it on: the tub weighs next to nothing! the shea butter is light and fluffy, a one stop shop for ridding your entire body of dryness. i love that it absorbs quickly leaving crazy softness behind. yet another wonder product, this stuff can be used on skin, nails, hair (it makes a killer deep conditioning treatment), and even beards. amazing!

rica is truly comfort food for your body and skin. i am obsessed with the brand’s mission that dates back to kristina’s great great grandmother and their continued dedication to using fresh ingredients in their gorgeous products, made with love. this is a brand new concept in beauty, a little something i like to call ‘farm to vanity’ and my new rica products definitely have me feeling good both inside and out.

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