johnson’s bedtime lotion

johnson's bedtime lotion

okay, between what i’m about to say and this post from back in october, i’m truly starting to sound like a child trapped in a twenty-something’s body. but the glossarie is all about sharing what works and what we really love, so if we’re being honest with each other here, lately my go-to moisturizer has been johnson’s bedtime lotion.

made for babies.

i love the subtle scent, and the texture is the perfect middle ground between ultra-thick creams and those lotions that are just a tad too thin. it’s hypoallergenic and extremely mild (since it’s made for infants and all), so everything about it is truly gentle. it’s perfect to smooth onto slightly damp skin after a bath or shower, or massage into hands when they’re feeling a bit dry.

you can grab the ultra-soothing lotion here or at your local drugstore for $3.44.

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10 Comments to johnson’s bedtime lotion

  1. Sharona says:

    I love this, too! They also have a great oatmeal vanilla scent that’s especially moisturizing!

  2. Obsessed with this lotion! Great pick!


  3. I love your “inner kiddo” posts! I am so hooked on their baby oil gel, but I am definitely going to pick some of this up too!

  4. Ashley says:

    I love this stuff, too – I have a travel-sized bottle in my purse at all times!

  5. I use the J&J baby body soap EVERY DAY, and have done so for YEARS!
    I get ‘soft skin’ compliments all the time… and my skin is never dry!

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