yes to grapefruit exfoliating body wash

yes to grapefruit exfoliating body wash

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
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i’m not the biggest fan of body scrubs that come in tubs. something about unscrewing a big tub, trying to avoid water rushing into it, scooping out a bunch of crystals soaked in oils, slathering it on my body, attempting to avoid touching my face, and then slip sliding around in the shower trying not to kill myself…just isn’t the most relaxing experience.

i also find that while scrubs are great for exfoliating (their main purpose, yes), i always need to follow up with a body wash to rid my skin of excess oil when i’m done.

rather than leave my body un-exfoliated (gasp!), i have been hunting for the perfect solution – and this new scrub from yes to is changing the game. first of all, it comes in a tube which means i can put the lovely scented stuff straight on to my loofah without involving my hands. second, as i wash and scrub away i can actually feel my skin getting cleaner while the ground pumice naturally exfoliates.

i consider this more of a body polish as it walks the fine line between body scrub and body wash, leaving my skin with a smooth even tone that’s a touch glowier than what i started with. it’s completely non-greasy and rinses away clean without having to work at it and, best of all, i’m left with the feeling that it really takes care of my skin while it cleanses and exfoliates. (you know how some scrubs can feel like they are actually tearing your skin off of your body? none of that here.)

roll all of those amazing qualities into one product that costs under $10 and i can’t help but feel as though we’ve got a big winner on our hands.

shop yes to grapefruit exfoliating body wash ($9.99) >

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7 Comments to yes to grapefruit exfoliating body wash

  1. Carla says:

    You seriously made me laugh out loud! That is SO TRUE! You essentially described various experiences i’ve shared with some attempts with body scrubs! I’ll have to check this one out. I’ve tried their makeup removing and lip balm but that’s about it! Thanks for the recommendation and the laugh! xo Carla

    • lara ramos says:

      glad to know i’m not the only one who looks ridiculous trying to do the scrub-tub juggle :)

  2. i keep forgetting to look for the grapefruit line! this sounds great!

  3. Oh I love grapefruit body creams! They smell so sweet and yummy. I am using a grapefruit body Souffle soft!!
    May xx

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