clinique ‘a different nail enamel for sensitive skins’

clinique nail enamel pinkini

you might remember miss caroline from this post from last april. much has changed in her world since we last saw her – she’s potty trained, she became a big sister, and she’s now in regular preschool. one thing that has not changed? her intense love for nail polish and painted nails. when i found out that caroline would be in town this week, i knew it would be the perfect chance to test clinique’s new ‘a different nail enamel for sensitive skin’ on her tiny fingertips. i went in armed with pinkini and we got down to business.

2013-04-26 10.44.14

clinique’s enamel definitely doesn’t have the strong chemical smell that other bottles do and its formula is designed to be extra gentle for sensitive skin. (especially perfect for those under the tender age of three like my friend, above.) i was able to keep wiggly little caroline contained to get two coats on her and i was seriously impressed with how fast the lacquer dried – and thank goodness for that, because we had donuts to eat and patience is not our strong suit. when i asked caroline how her nails looked once they were dry, she looked up at me with a huge grin and said “pink!” i think we have a winner, here.

the new clinique nail polish collection comes in a ton of gorgeous glossy shades, including seven fabulous limited edition colors for summer 2013. bottles are $16 a piece and are sure to delight polish lovers of all ages.

shop clinique ‘a different nail enamel for sensitive skins’ ($16) >

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4 Comments to clinique ‘a different nail enamel for sensitive skins’

  1. Definitely sounds interesting!

  2. Amanda says:

    Soooo Cute!!! Love!

    • lara ramos says:

      thanks :) she is my friend’s daughter and i can’t get enough. plus, she loves beauty, so we have lots in common!