mario badescu a.h.a. botanical body soap

mario badescu body soap

some days it seems like my face gets all the love. with a multi-step routine and all of the painstaking ways that i pamper the skin above my chin, it often dawns on me that my trunk and limbs get the short end of the stick. on the search for some serious skincare for my body, i stumbled upon mario badescu’s a.h.a botanical body soap. adding this simply packaged, no-frills product to my shower scene has made a major impact on clarity and glow – especially on my arms and chest. (thank goodness – because when sleeveless season comes creeping up on me, i start to get a touch self conscious about the skin that’s been hiding in sweaters all winter.)

this alpha hydroxy formula has polished my skin to perfection, ridding it of dry spots and the tiny red bumps that can crop up when it’s cold. it deeply cleanses and exfoliates, breaking down dead skin cells, and making an instantly noticeable difference in softness. the natural scent is rejuvenating in the morning or after a run, but the thing i like best about this bottle is that it has cleared up the problem areas on my back and shoulders. (later, bacne!) it sudses up in a major way, but washes away clean with no soapy residue.

normally not one to get too excited about a product that washes down the drain,  i feel such a huge difference in my skin from before i get into the shower to the time when i’m toweling off, that i can’t help but be impressed. this one has really won me over with its chemical exfoliation that’s leaving my skin ready for sundresses.

mario badescu a.h.a. botanical body soap, $8 – $14

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5 Comments to mario badescu a.h.a. botanical body soap

  1. Georgie says:

    Is this okay for daily use?

    • lara ramos says:

      i definitely think so! it hasn’t bothered my skin at all – but you could always alternate with something else if it’s too much for you.

  2. diamondgirl2825 says:

    I use it almost daily and have had zero problems. It’s a great product! (like all of their stuff.)

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