benefit the rich is back! makeup kit


few things make me happier than discovering the very best of one season’s trends all wrapped up into a palette. this palette from tarte had me singing spring and now benefit’s collab with brit designer matthew williamson has everything that you need for summer. the gorgeous boxed set is one of the coolest cosmetic collections that i’ve seen come along.

three of the eyeshadow shades are neutral enough to wear everyday and the pop of ‘feel so teal’ is just begging to be dusted on your lash line (top and bottom) for a flash of retro glam. the palette also packs benefit’s best-ever mascara (seriously this thing still gets rave reviews from everyone i meet) and an exclusive ruby lip gloss called inferno. finishing things off is ‘gimme fever cheek powder’ in a subdued rosy bronze. i think the strategy here was to keep the cheeks more mellow (staying true to the 70’s inspiration) and really let your eyes and lips do the talking.

this box o’ beauty is high fashion and fearless, but the colors truly celebrate individuality and each product is done in such a way that you can amp it up or dial it back as much as you want. all in all, it’s fun-loving, light-hearted, and right up my alley. so very summer!

benefit cosmetics matthew williamson the rich is back!, $34
(*free shipping* with code JUNESALE)

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  1. That is truly one fabulous makeup combination! “They’re Real” is phenomenal – the only high end mascara I feel is worth its price tag.

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