kevyn aucoin the sensual lip balm

kevin aucoin the sensual lip balm

i have found the best under-lipstick lip balm ever.

you see, my lips are often dry and nothing makes that more apparent than a coat of lipstick. truthfully, i need a solid foundation of lip balm to moisturize and plump my lips before applying color, but anyone who has ever tried to apply lipstick over a moisturizing lip balm knows that it can quickly become a slippery mess – and on top of that, color tends to fade pretty quickly. so, i usually skip it and i’m left with dry, matte lips (whether that’s the look i’m going for or not).

yesterday, i was doing a little pre-photoshoot primping at gorgeous local beauty boutique bellacara. when it came time for lip color, i begrudgingly asked for some lip balm knowing that flaky lips and a long lens would not make a nice pairing. adorable makeup artist allison baird handed me kevyn aucoin’s the sensual lip balm touting it as the perfect thing to go under lipstick because it’s a little waxy.

and she was not wrong! this hydrating, lip enhancing, lip balm is actually masquerading as a primer because while it goes on clear and seals in moisture, it also grips on to lip color for dear life and left me with beautiful, smooth lips for a good two hours of shooting and wine sipping.

so please excuse me while i go purge all of my other lip balms and stock up on this one. if there’s anything i’ve learned over the last four years, it’s that when something works on a life-changing level, you stick with it!

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11 Comments to kevyn aucoin the sensual lip balm

  1. Love it Lara. Tweeting this and possibly highlighting it on my FB page for my brides! What an awesome beauty find!

  2. I hear ya, sista! I am always struggling with dry lips and the matte lipstick effect. Hunting this down immediately.

  3. Leslie Chang says:

    Cool, but expensive. You guys should try Buddha Balm for everyday natural lip balm. Amazing stuff.

  4. adding this to my list for sure! :)

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  6. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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