mighty mascaras

mighty mascaras


there is a lot happening in the mascara market these days! just when you thought it was all length vs. volume, waterproof vs. not waterproof, these five formulas show us that there are near endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a gorgeously bold look that rivals even the best faux options.

covergirl flamed out water resistant mascara, $5.99
if fluttery splash-proof lashes are your game this summer, look no further than this hot tube from covergirl. the formula is lightweight and the brush makes it easy to get a “winged” lash look, providing lift and curl without a curler. i love the pretty softness and shape that you get from this drugstore delight – perfect for those who like long lashes, even poolside.

it cosmetics tightline full lash line black mascara primer, 2 for $29
this brush is impossibly thin and that means you can apply this black mascara primer starting right at the lash line without getting it on your eyelid. beyond lengthening and darkening, this multitasking lash enhancer also works to nourish and protect, but most importantly: a few swipes on each eye leaves you with a set that’s extra lush and full.

hard candy lash ink 4 day lash stain mascara, $7
this one is not for the fickle or faint of heart. i wasn’t really sure that i wanted my mascara to last four days, but there is no doubt about it: once you apply this stuff, there’s no letting go. it holds on through swims, showers, and face washings. no smudging, no flaking, and no need to reapply each morning – just curl your lashes and go. crazy!

too faced better than sex mascara, $23
this stuff has all the greatness of mac’s plush lash (length! volume! lift! curl!), but none of the smudging. lashes are all kinds of vampy and va-va with an eye-opening fan of fringe you’re going to want to bat all. day. long. seriously, this stuff is the bomb. (but…for the record, it’s not better than sex) warning: don’t drop it on your toe – this sucker is hea-vy.

l’oreal voluminous false fiber lashes, $8.99
watery-eyed beauties know that fiber mascaras are a godsend. they tube your lashes so there are no smudges, but they wash off easily with a few splashes of good old h2o. before now, you had to buy your fiber lashes at sephora, but l’oreal is bringing long-wearing length and separation to the masses – with none of that dry/crunchy feeling.

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18 Comments to mighty mascaras

  1. Amber says:

    This was super helpful! All these mini reviews are great; the Too Faced Better Than Sex looks right up my alley, I’ll have to give it a go!

  2. 4 days!? Holy Moly! I am on the hunt for this stuff. That’s amazing. Not to mention “better than sex”. That’s awfully bold, but I won’t be able to resist verifying that it is, in fact, not better than sex :)

  3. Tori says:

    Visiting after reading about you in Seventeen! Congrats on the feature. I love this post, I’m always looking for new mascaras. I buy a new one every time I go to the store! My current favorite is rocket volume express by maybelline. It really holds the curl. I found that the fiber lash mascara from l’oreal doesn’t really hold much of a curl, but it definitely gets them long!

    • lara ramos says:

      thanks for coming by! and you are so right – maybelline mascaras are extra good. that’s a great recommendation!

  4. Congrats on the Seventeen feature! Your blog is gorgeous, it was well deserved.

    Which of these mascaras has the best ingredients? I don’t have sensitive eyes or sensitive skin, but eyes in general are the most sensitive things on our face. I’d rather know what’s going near them everyday :)

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  6. thesnazzycat says:

    oh I’m definitely going to be searching for that ‘better than sex’, if not for your review, just for the name itself! And thanks for the heads up on not dropping it on your toe!

  7. Im a realy fan of Clinique high impact – Im a bit of a mascara addict and I regularly buy competitors but end up giving them to my sister and going back to my old faithful.

    • lara ramos says:

      i *love* clinique mascaras. their naturally glossy was one of my first favorites and now i love their bottom lash mascara (i wear it on my top lashes). they are always top performers and they never smudge or irritate my eyes!

  8. Ooo I’m curious (and a little scared) about this 4 day mascara!! Sounds kinda crazy but worth a try!!

    • lara ramos says:

      try it! it surprisingly does not dry out or irritate your lashes – it’s just extra, extra long wearing. definitely a cool concept!

  9. Fiercely Chic says:

    the 4 day mascara??!! WOW WOW WOW WOW…….that is all I have to say!!

  10. Great review Lara, love your work!