shu uemura tokyo lash fiesta s eyelash curler


most of you are familiar with my obsession over shu uemura’s eyelash curler. i used it for years and then it all but disappeared from the us markets without explanation. i’ve been happily plugging away with my replacement chanel, but it has always left me wondering what those japanese masterminds have been up to! then, over the weekend, allure teased this new (?) tokyo lash fiesta s eyelash curler and i cannot stop thinking about it.

allure was able to get their hands on one of these mysterious beauties and they are claiming that it’s better than the original because of its open sides and virtually no risk of pinched eyelids. now, the original shu lash curler is beautifully shaped and never pinches, so the notion that they might have improved on that further is kind of exciting.

honestly, i don’t even care if it’s better, i just need it.

i have searched all ends of the internet and there is not a stitch of information on this bad boy. i’m bewildered and forced to wait (not at all) patiently for more news to break on the fresh update, so obviously the only solution to my dilemma was to share this kind-of news with you so that i’m not alone in my misery.

happy monday :)

*update! the powers that be at shu uemura have let me know that the tokyo lash fiesta s eyelash curler will be on sale on their website starting september 3rd!*

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8 Comments to shu uemura tokyo lash fiesta s eyelash curler

  1. rrebeccag says:

    Can you post of picture of the shu uemura’s eyelash curler so I can look for it as well? I saw one on their site but not sure if it’s the same one you love or a new one!

  2. Lisa Tracy says:

    I’m so glad that I wasn’t imagining things, same Allure, same excitement when I saw the picture and same desire, no need to have it – I have an eye lid issue and am always getting pinched. please let me know if you track anything down. thanx and I do feel better about not finding it(?) you know what I mean, I hope.

  3. Gloria says:

    I’ve been using Shu Uemura’s curlers too and it’s definitely worth the hype. Can’t wait to try this out as soon as it is released. if it’s possible, you should definitely do another post reviewing this upcoming curler :D

  4. S says:

    I hear it will l be released on September 3rd.

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