ysl top secrets flash touch wake-up eyecare

ysl top secrets flash touch

there is nothing worse than puffy eyes. nothing that betrays my upbeat attitude and readiness to face the day than tired little eyeballs. i will not have it.

i splurged on ysl’s top secrets flash touch wake-up eyecare pen a few weeks ago, knowing that these last four days (early mornings, long hours, and late nights in nyc) would be its true test. after i shower and moisturize, i click the pen to release the perfect dose of serum and roll it all over my eye area, concentrating on the brow bone and the unwelcome little pillows that lie beneath my lower lash line. it feels soothing, cooling, and definitely hydrating as i notice that things are slowly reviving.

i’m really impressed with the instant reduction in puff and the longstanding “awake” effects. when i use this little pen, my face looks polish and pulled together for the entire day. the emulsion absorbs quickly and acts as a perfect primer for my under eye concealer, giving me a fresh look that lasts until bedtime.

it’s a pricey magic wand, but i’m willing to spend for something that works. i love the way that this stuff revives my eyes, bringing in light and zapping fatigue, and also the way that it locks down concealer. it packs a lot of punch for its $44 price tag!

ysl top secrets flash touch wake-up eyecare ($44) >

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3 Comments to ysl top secrets flash touch wake-up eyecare

  1. Y says:

    it feels so nice when its applied! (i recently visited my local YSL counter for Touche Eclat), but i couldnt justify spending another $40+ on eye roller.
    the beauty guru there suggested keeping it refrigerated :)

    A cheapie version is the Garnier eye roll on from the pharmacy. love it too! under my touche eclat. no one will know.

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